Tropical Rainforest


The avarage rain fall a year is about 200 inches. the least they get is about 50 inches a year.they are located around the world but the most famous rain forest is the amazon basin. the avarage temperature is about 93 deegrees ferinhight.

Plants And Animals

Animals- Clear Wing Butterfly, Sumatran Tiger, Okapi, Fijian Iguana, and Hoatzin

Plants- Heliconia, Voyria, Rafflesia, Triuris, and Heliosis

The Tropical Rainforest - Biome Project

Interesting facts

Rain forest covers less than 6% of the earths surface scientist estimate half of the worlds rain fall comes from the rain forest. And produce 40% of the worlds oxygen. The tropical rain forest has more kinds of trees than any other area in the world. Lastly there is usually a brief season of less rain fall. In monsoonal areas, there is actually a dry season.