Surviving Asthma Attacks

And How I Survived and Still Living

The Conflict

When I was younger, maybe baby or toddler age, I've had asthma and never did like having it. I found out I had asthma when I was maybe 8 or 9 years old. Although I'm a little different then everyone else, I know that my friends and family will always be there to help me until we stop becoming friends or until death.

"I've Had Asthma All my Life, but I'm getting better"

Getting Through Asthma

Although I maybe be different from you, because I have asthma I still have friends and family. They will always be there for me no matter what happens to me. If they aren't there for me, they aren't my true friends and they just don't care. But I know if my true friends are there for me and my family will always be there for me in my time of need. Asthma is not a laughing matter because someone could actually die, but asthma is just a non-contagious disease. I have asthma and that's okay because my friends and family will take care of me, so I have a lot of support by my side no matter what.