Mrs. Cunningham's Class News

September 2016

Thank you!!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It made for such a special day. I appreciate all the cards and gifts. It was such a sweet surprise to walk out to all the class singing me Happy Birthday. I love my class gift as well. My girls will be so excited to share in my birthday love.

Turn in Technology agreement please!

As you are aware, we had a new online registration process. Some of you may have already done this, but missed one important step. After you verify your information and complete the registration you need to print a "Data Confirmation Page." I am attaching a picture for those of you who may be confused on how to print this page. If you need further assistance, please see the front office staff. There are only a few of you missing this, however, part of this is the technology agreement. Without this I will not be allowed to let your child on an ipad or computer.

Directions to print "Data Confirmation Page"

1. Once you are logged in, click on the Student Info Tab

2. Under "Student Info" click on "Data Confirmation"

3. Then click on the link "Print, Sign, & Return Data Confirmation Form"

4. Print this form, sign, and return to us.

Counting Collections

Counting Collections help provide the foundation for understanding numbers and for computation skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). Counting teaches children the names of numbers, the sequence of numbers, one-to-one correspondence, relative size, efficient and accurate counting strategies.

Currently students are working on ways to organize their counting so they don't loose their place. We are working on recording our thinking. You may have seen some pictures and videos on Seesaw.

Handwriting Without Tears

We are practicing how to write letters using the proper letter formation. The program that we are using, Handwriting Without Tears, developed by an occupational therapist, introduces letters in a very particular order. We are focusing on "frog-jump" letters, F, D, E, and P and the numbers 1 and 2. If you ask your child to make the letters, like the F for example, they will use language like Big Line down. Frog Jump. Little line, little line. Children get to practice using 3 tools. First on a small chalk board, they use a wet sponge. Next, they dry the letter exactly how they formed the letter in the first place. Last, they use a small piece of chalk to write. This is called, Wet, Dry, and Try. After this, they put their pencil to paper and practice on a worksheet. Here are some kids in action.

Reader's Workshop

We are off and running as readers! During the readers workshop time, I deliver a mini lesson (a specific strategy that readers do). Students get a chance to practice this strategy with me and then they are off to practice it by themselves and with a partner. Here are some pictures of charts to remember what readers do and students sitting back to back with a partner and reading EEKK (Elbow to Elbow or Knee to Knee) with a partner.


This week in Friday Folders you received the log in information for Raz-kids. Due to an assembly on Friday, I have not shared this with the students yet. They will not familiar with this program. We will go over this in the upcoming week. Raz-kids is a supplemental program paid for by our Fabulous PTO. Raz-kids allows students to have a digital library at their individual reading level. Each book has three activities to complete. First is the ear icon, this activity allows the students to listen to the story being read. Words are highlighted as the narrator reads the text. The second activity is represented with a book and an eyeball (I think). With this activity students will now read the text themselves with the option to record their reading for play back. There is even an option for them to send it to me. The last activity is a quiz. Students can have questions and answer choices read to them. The majority of our class is an level A reader. Level A text has a repeating pattern. This allows for students to continue the pattern throughout the book and use picture clues for the word that changes. This allows them to feel successful in their reading while learning skills such as tracking word, sight words, patterns, initial sounds and picture clues. We are so lucky to have this great resources. I hope that you will also see the benefits at home.

Classroom Support Personnel