2022-2023 Volume 5 - September 23, 2022


Hello Maverick Community! We will start sharing our Maverick Memo on a monthly basis to avoid overwhelming you with too many notifications. Please continue to check our website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts for the latest and greatest news on the happenings around our campus. Our classroom teachers are also sharing information on a regular basis as well so we have several avenues of communicating with you. We appreciate our partnership and want you to be in the know - please contact us with any questions.


We love our IES volunteers! There are many things that we could not and would not be able to accomplish without our volunteers. We appreciate every volunteer that has signed up. Currently, we are in need of more volunteers as our needs are growing.

We need volunteers to come to our school and help do things around the school. Things like hanging up pictures, moving furniture, copying, cutting, organizing, sorting, fixing, and file. Please let us know if you can. You must complete the volunteer application online. Click Here.

If you can donate a Christmas tree to our school please contact Mrs. Russell at



Our classes are competing to see which class can get the most members. We need every person to join. The cost is $10. Grandparents can join. Aunts and Uncles can join. Neighbors can join! We need members! Our PTA membership is important and we need parents/guardians to join. Will you help us reach our goal? Your child wants to win!!


September 30: Grandparent's Day Celebration @IES (Must PRE REGISTER)

October 4: Paint Party

October 7: College Spirit Day and Red Ribbon Friday

October 7: All Pro Dads Breakfast 7-7:45am

October 13: Teacher & Parent Conferences (Look for your Invitation)

October 13-17: Student Holiday - NO SCHOOL

October 17: TCHS Homecoming Parade

October 20: Timber Creek Homecoming

October 21: IES Trunck or Treat (Parents must attend with their student)

October 21: Boosterthon Fun Run Kick-off

October 21: Red Ribbon Friday - Crazy hair and mismatched clothes

October 28: Red Ribbon Friday - Courageous Storybook Characters

November 4: Boosterthon Fundraising Event sponsored by PTA


April 13: 4th Grade Play Day

April 26: Reading STAAR

May 5: Field Day

May 10: Math STAAR


Thank you so much for the breakfast this past week. We felt special and really enjoyed ourselves. The decorations were beautiful and the food was great. It truly made our day!


IES is looking to establish an Adopt A School partnership with local businesses in order to enhance the learning experiences of our students. If you are a business owner or know someone that is, please call Mrs. Russell at 817-744-6100 or email her at


Our school is such a great place to be and I wanted to remind everyone that our little ones are watching what is happening in the morning time. Please remember to be kind. Everyone has drop-off options. Everyone must adhere to the procedures for our school to maintain a safe and orderly system for our students.

In the morning, there is only one lane designated for dropping off students. If you arrive before 7:25, you should not park in any areas in the drive-thru lanes. If you are going to wait, you should always park in a designated parking area. The parking areas are located in the parking lot when you first turn into our parking lot. Parents should always remain in their cars when dropping off in the drop-off line.

There is no supervision before 7:30 am. We offer Clayton prior to school starting and we have a few spots left. Please check our website for additional information or call the front office.

Parents that have students that walk, we encourage you to have them leave home at a specific time that allows to them to arrive by 7:30 when the doors open.

Thank you in advance for modeling to our students what it means to be kind and respectful as we follow the school rules.

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Attendance matters! In our classrooms, instruction relies heavily on student experience, collaborative activities, and learning through discourse. Unfortunately, there isn't any way these experiences can be replicated outside of the classroom. We realize there are some absences that are unavoidable. We certainly want sick children to remain at home where they can recover and not share their illness with friends. ;-) However, we truly need our students to be at school whenever possible. You may not realize...

  • Missing just two days a month equates to a loss of ten percent of a student's learning time by the end of the year. If this pattern is repeated yearly, a student's exposure to learning is a half year behind that of peers by the end of elementary school.

  • Tardies impact learning. In addition to missing learning time, students who are late to school often feel rushed and unsettled when they arrive in class and see their peers engaged in academic activities. For some students, these feelings of frustration may impact them throughout the day. Students do best when they can calmly begin their day and not feel they are behind before they've even begun.

Paraprofessional Job Fair

Keller ISD will host a Paraprofessional Job Fair from 5-6 p.m. Wednesday, October 5, at the KISD Education Center.

The District is specifically looking to fill Classroom Aide and Office Aide positions. Visit the Keller ISD Career Opportunities webpages to learn about all current job openings.

Click here to RSVP for the October 5 KISD Paraprofessional Job Fair!

The KISD Education Center is located at 350 Keller Parkway.

Job Fair for Nonexempt Positions

Keller ISD will host a Job Fair for Nonexempt Positions from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 1, at the KISD Maintenance and Operations Center.

The District is specifically looking to fill maintenance, operations, grounds, custodial and distribution positions. Click here to learn about current openings in the District.

Benefits for these positions include:

  • Guaranteed 40 hours per week, with potential overtime
  • Seven holidays, five vacation days, five personal days, five sick days, and two wellness days off
  • Longevity bonuses
  • Training, tools, and uniforms provided
  • District-provided transportation, if applicable
  • TRS Retirement eligible

We are looking for dedicated professionals to assist us in providing exemplary learning environments for the students and teachers of Keller ISD. We value your talent and want you on our team!

The KISD Maintenance and Operations Center is located at 1130 Alta Vista Road.

KISD Community Ambassador

Keller ISD parents, residents, business leaders, and employees are invited to become a KISD Community Ambassador.

This semester-long program includes only four evening meetings. Ambassadors-in-training will learn more about how Keller ISD operates beyond the classroom, with the opportunity to interact with the District's senior leadership.

Launched by the Board of Trustees in 2013, the Community Ambassadors program provides District stakeholders with a front-row seat as KISD leaders make informal, interactive presentations and offer participants the opportunity to ask questions, provide comments, and make suggestions.

The Fall 2022 semester of KISD Community Ambassadors continues, Tuesday, October 18, at the Keller ISD Education Center Annex (10310 Old Denton Rd). Remaining dates for Fall 2022 include:

Monday, November 7, at the Keller ISD Education Center (350 Keller Parkway)
Monday, December 5, at the Keller ISD Education Center (350 Keller Parkway)

Dinner is provided each evening, and those who complete the program receive an official Keller ISD Community Ambassadors shirt.

To join KISD Community Ambassadors or to get more information, please call the Communications Department at 817-744-1021 or email

23rd Annual Run In The Dark

Community Storehouse will host its 23rd Annual Run In The Dark event on Saturday, October 22, at Keller Town Hall.

This year's event will include a 5K, a fun run, and a community festival.

Proceeds from the event go directly to supporting thousands of low-income children in the community.

Registration for Run in the Dark is now open! The school with the highest participation will win the coveted Storehouse Cup.

For more information about the event and to learn about sponsorship opportunities, visit


If your student's plan to go home will change, you must call prior to 2:45 pm. The only person that can call and make a change is the enrolling parent or guardian. Emergency contacts listed for students may not make changes to pick-up plans. This is part of our safety protocols. Thank you for understanding.


  • Procedures for visitors apply throughout the entire school day.

  • The south end (cafeteria) is only available to children. Students may enter through these doors between 7:30 and 7:55 but adults must enter through the lobby doors. Adults attempting to enter through the south doors will be redirected to enter through the front lobby doors.

  • ALL visitors will be required to enter through the front vestibule, provide picture identification, and obtain a visitor sticker/badge before proceeding to any other part of the building. Beginning October 1st, all adults will be asked to leave their picture identification in the office while in the building and pick it back up as they exit the building through the office. This ensures we know who is in the building at all times.

  • Office staff will verify the visitor is a parent, guardian, or approved contact for the student.

  • All visitors are required to use the adult restrooms outside of the Community Room located near the library. Please do not enter or use the student restrooms. This also means that you may not enter the student restrooms with your student.

Thank you for working with us to ensure the safety and security of all of our children.


Please be sure to add funds to your child's lunch account if he/she will be purchasing meals at school. This can be accomplished by linking to Schoolcafe' and loading funds electronically. Through the Schoolcafe' system, you are able to set alerts for a designated low balance in the account, load the account, and track purchases. Schoolcafe' also offers you the opportunity to specify dietary or purchase restrictions (i.e.- student not authorized to purchase snacks OR student may not have dairy or peanuts).

For the 2022-23 school year, breakfast will be free for all of our students. Lunch is $2.95 for students who have not qualified for free- or reduced- meal assistance.

If you have a financial need and would like to apply for meal assistance, follow this link to learn more about the options available to you.


Parents are welcome to join their students for lunch. Please remember that state law only allows parents/guardians to provide food for their own children. You will not be able to bring food for a friend's child and have him/her join you.

If you've never had the opportunity to dine with us, be sure to bring your driver's license with you when you check in at the office. If you arrive a bit early, we'll have you take a seat in the office or our newly furnished vestibule and wait for your student's lunchtime before heading to the cafeteria. You may purchase lunch from the cafe, bring in lunch for you and your child, or just sit and enjoy the time with your child as he/she eats. We have parent lunch tables reserved for you to dine with your student. Please know that students will not be able to bring a friend to the guest table to dine with you. We ask that you adhere to the allotted lunch time for your child's class and allow your child to return from lunch on time.


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