Send Off Summer In Style!!!

September Team Newsletter and Pump UP your Fall for Success!

Let's "Fall" Into Fashion, Team!!!

Welcome to September! I hope that you all have had a fabulous, fun-filled and prosperous Summer. Now that the kiddos have gone back to school, and life is settling back into a routine, it's time to get our individual plans and strategies together for a successful selling season for the final quarter of the year - the BIGGEST AND BEST selling season of all!!! And it's also so much fun! Stella & Dot has so many incentives this month - we have the Exclusive Hostess Boutique that opens on Oct. 1, and that our hostesses in September will be the first to get to shop it. We have the "Stack Up Your Rewards" incentive for all stylists this month to help you pay for your Holiday Collection with free product credits. We have the new little girls collection that is going to be awesome for booking incentives for those Mommy & Me parties and will be so great for trunk show add-ons and gifts. And we have our own goals that we are trying to reach and I will be offering incentives to all of you to reach for the "Stars"! Literally!!!! Who's ready to kick it into a higher gear and start building a team??? If that is part of your goal, then we need to schedule some coaching sessions so that I can help you get there.

Booking - Exclusive Holiday Hostess Boutique

Use this exclusive hostess boutique as a booking incentive to your potential hostesses to get those September shows on your calendar. Thank you to all of you who helped me reach my goal in August which was to win all levels of the Rock The Summer Challenge - I will loan out my prizes to all of you who are local so that your hostesses can see what they will earn with their hostess rewards. For those of you on my team who are not local - let's chat and see what we can do!!!

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Stack Up Your Rewards FAQS:

Yes, that’s right, you can earn UNLIMITED product credit all September long – just in time for the Holiday Collection!

How can I ‘Stack Up My Rewards’? It’s simple, start selling! Your rewards will be determined by your sales at the end of the month, here’s how they’ll be awarded:


$1000 $100

$2000 $200

$3000 $300

$4000 $400!

$5000 $500 PLUS your $100 Stellar Seller Bonus = $600!

Every $1000 sold after that $300 for each $1000! It’s UNLIMITED!


1 Stylist $100, when she earns her first book & sell Jumpstart award – It’s UNLIMITED!

*Must submit a minimum of 2 Trunk Shows with $500 retail sales and 4 unique orders in September to qualify.

Want to go for the gusto? Sell $5,000 in retail sales (3250 PCV), you’ll earn $500 Product Credit – PLUS you’ve earned your Stellar Seller! Think you can double that? Sell $10,000 in September and you’ll earn TWO Stellar Sellers, plus your $1000 in

Product Credit – that’s $1,200 in free Product Credit! (Oh, and if you’ve already qualified for the Consistency Bonus in July and August – You’ve just earned the Consistency Bonus, too!)

So go for it girls! Dream big - make plans - and make the most of the Stack Up Your Rewards program this month.


September Trunk Show Exclusives

If you are using Dottie - then the Trunk Show Exclusives bonus shows up while you are checking out your guests, and the add-on sales from this has dramatically increased sales for me and many others. If you're not using Dottie, then you should print out the pdf (I usually put it in a frame and have it at my check out station at my trunk shows). These are such great items so make sure you mention them in all of your check-out chats!

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New Little Girls Collection - Just in time for the Holidays!

For those of you with younger children, the new Little Girls Collection is going to be a huge seller this Holiday season! I can just see the "Mommy & Me Tea Party" invites in my mind! OMG! What a great way to book a trunk show with those Moms with little girls and what a great "Add On" sale at any of your trunk shows with those aunts, sisters, grandmothers, etc.

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August Team Kudos

I want to give some "shout outs" to the girls on this team who worked their businesses this past month. I want to thank you all for working towards your goals and for making the effort to "qualify" ($500 retail) which makes our team a "Star" team! My goal is to hit "Star Team" for the next four months in a row! What this would mean to me is that I would earn the "Heart of Leadership" award for hitting Star four consecutive months in a row. I'm putting it out there to all of you that this is my BIG ASS GOAL so that I can hold myself accountable and so that you know that I am here for you in every step of the way to help you to reach your goals. SInce it's our biggest selling season of the whole year - I KNOW that we can do this - so let's start now! Who's with me????

Top Performers for August:

1. Barbie Cottrell - $10,523 retail sales, 6,840 pcv - qualified, 5% override commission, paid at Star Stylist pay rank.

2. Abby Lavy - $3,059 retail sales, 1,956 pcv - qualified, 5% override commission, paid at Stylist pay rank - Incentives earned: business supplies and the Lilly Pulitzer 17 month agenda from me.

3. Amanda Schard - $1,742 retail sales, 1,101 pcv - qualified, paid at Stylist pay rank - Incentives earned: business supplies from me

4. Meghan Sartain - $832 retail sales, 541 pcv - qualified, paid at Stylist pay rank - Incentives earned: business supplies from me

5. Nancy Ho - $642 retail sales, $417 pcv - qualified, paid at Stylist pay rank - Incentives earned: business supplies from me

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Want to build your team and promote? Take the steps to promote from Stylist to Star. By the end of 12 weeks you will learn to maximize the skills of book, sell and sponsor and learn how to teach the new Stylists you sponsor to do the same, building a small team of engaged, joyful Stylists. You’ll learn a few fun tactics to build team community and increase Stylist productivity and activity. You’ll be poised to become a Heart of Leadership Star. Sign up for the Super Star program in the Stylist Lounge and take the challenges and learn how to build your team. I would LOVE to see you all decide to go for it and will be here to help you along the way. Let me know what your goals are, so that I can cater my coaching to fit your needs.

Do any of you know any college students that Stella & Dot might be perfect for? What a fabulous job to have as a fashion forward girl who can earn money while going to school, while at the same time learn how to run her own entrepreneurial business!!! I would have LOVED this opportunity while in college. If so - then send them this pdf and see what they think!

Soooooo . . . Now let's get into some incentives:

Who Still Doesn't Have An Ipad???? Have you heard of "Dottie"? The New Trunk Show Assistant?

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I REEEAAALLLY would love to draw a name for someone to win the Ipad that I won in the last Stella & Dot Ipad challenge at the end of last year. I have LOVED my Ipad, but I have decided to upgrade to the "bells & whistles" Ipad. The Ipad that I have now is fabulous - and so if you would like this little beauty for your business - then all you have to do is sell 1500 pcv in the month of September to be entered into a drawing for her. That's ONLY $2,308 retail (or basically 2-3 trunk shows). So please respond to this email and let me know if you're up for the challenge and let's schedule some time to talk and figure out how to get you there. It's only September 1st - so we have a full month to take action and receive results.

Lilly Pulitzer 17 Month Agenda

And for those of you that are able to achieve 1500 pcv in September, then you ALL will earn the Lilly Pulitzer Agenda shown below!!!! It is such a great calendar and agenda and I really want all of you to have it! So let's book trunk shows and set ourselves up for an unbelievable Fall selling season!!! OK????

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Barbie Cottrell - Independent Star Stylist with Stella & Dot

I am your fearless leader, and I'm here for you any time that you'd like to brainstorm or need help with your businesses. I believe that Stella & Dot is "Your Business, Your Way" so if that means you're a hobbyist, part-timer or full-timer - whatever your level of commitment - I am here to help you reach your goals! So let's schedule a weekly, monthly, or whatever works for you coaching session and let's have a ton of fun, in the mean time!!! XO Barbie