Building PAX

An Introduction for Parents and Caregivers

PAX Good Behavior Game: Building Peace, Productivity, Health and Happiness in Southern Oregon Schools

Each day, students in Southern Oregon are hard at work building the traditional skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic. To help them reach their full potential, schools are also supporting their development of three new Rs: regulation, relationships, and resilience. Our goal is to provide a Culture of Care for students and their families. To do this our schools began with growing our knowledge about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Many school are now including social and emotional education supports to help nurture learners.

PAX Good Behavior Game is one way we are doing better now that we know better. This evidence-based approach creates Nurturing Environments and improves attendance, engagement, and achievement. It has also been proven to have lasting impacts on social, emotional, and physical health. The framework is now in all eleven Southern Oregon school districts, as well as several private and preschool settings. We are seeing significant gains in the amount of time students spend learning and in the connections they make with each other.

Big picture

PAX VISION: Students as Heroes of Change

Schools and youth programs using PAX believe students are the heroes of change. When adults support Nurturing Environments, we decrease negative influences, increase a sense of safety, and promote psychological flexibility. All of this gives youth the opportunity to show up in ways that build Peace, Productivity, Health and Happiness.

PAX begins with a Vision. This is a living document that teachers and students revisit several times throughout each day to help them focus on what they want to See, Hear, Feel and Do more of during their time at school. The Vision also includes actions that students want to avoid because they take away from Peace, Productivity, Health and Happiness--we call these "Spleems." Below are several examples of Visions created by students in our local schools.

Kernels & Cues: Supporting PAX All Day Long

After students create Visions that are meaningful to them, actions that support the Vision are encouraged through the use of Kernels and Cues. By using these nine practices throughout the school day, students are encouraged for the PAX they display. Kernels and Cues also provide verbal and non-verbal ways for school community members to encourage a "stop and think" moment when actions are taking away from productivity and health.
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