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Roanoke Elementary - December 18, 2015

Have a Wonderful Winter Break!

Thank you for sharing your children with us! We truly love serving you and all the Ranger Families! Have a safe break, and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!
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Rube Goldberg Machine Materials Still Needed

Please save your wrapping paper tubes. Those make excellent tunnels and ramps for our Rube Goldberg Machines. Send them in on January 5th! Thank you!!

STRIDE Adacemy Winter Break Challenge

Announcement from Mrs. King and Mrs. Diggs:

Winter break is a great opportunity for you to continue practicing your skills with STRIDE Academy. We will be watching to see which classes are logging in and practicing the most over the break. In each grade level, the class that has the highest amount of usage between December 19th, 2015 and January 4th, 2016 will receive an ice cream with lunch upon our return in January. We can't wait to see which class takes the lead in each grade level.

How to Get On To STRIDE Academy
  2. Sign in using your school student ID number
  3. Enter your KCS School ID - KCS97890
  4. If it asks for a password then you will need to enter your school student ID number again. Please contact your teacher for your child's student ID number.
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If your child is absent, a note must be sent to school stating the reason for the absence. In addition, we ask that you contact your child's teacher and our attendance clerk, Mrs. Esperanza Wright via phone or email on the day of the absence at 817-215-0650,

For the health of students and staff, ill students must be fever and vomit free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Upcoming Events

December 21 - January 4th - Winter Break for Students

Tuesday, January 5th - See you at School!!

Tuesday, January 5th - Crazy Tuesday - Lunch at 11:20

Wednesday, January 6th - LIBRARY CHECK OUT - Aleman, Allen, DiBenedetto, McLarty

Thursday, January 7th - LIBRARY CHECK OUT - Lawson

Roanoke Ranger Community Outreach Service Project

"Little Deeds making a Big Difference"
November 2015 - January 2016

Details were sent home in your child's Friday Folder Packet before the Thanksgiving Break. Be sure to fill out a cloud and a raindrop form when your family donates a bear for our donation to Denton County Advocacy Center.

Click here for an additional form
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Thank you for the Bear Donations!

Our Kindergarten Students donated 64 bears to give to the Denton County Advocacy Center. A representative from the Advocacy Center came on Monday to thank our students and pick up the bears. Thank you for your generosity!
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Kinder Announcements

Lunch Guests - Please let your child's teacher know when you, your spouse, and especially when an extended family member is coming to eat lunch with your child.

Extra Clothes -
Please send an extra change of clothes and underwear in your child's backpack - just in case of illness or an accident. Thank you!

Jackets - Please be sure to label your child's jackets and sweatshirts with his or her name so that misplaced items can be identified and hopefully returned quickly.

Celebration of the Arts

Thank you for your support at this great event! Click here for pictures and videos!

What Did We Learn At School This Week?

Skills Block

Phonetic Skill: short i

Phonograms: -it, -in

Here's what we learned about letters and words . . .
  • Some words have patterns (parts) that are the same.
  • You can look at the pattern (part) you know to help you read a word.
  • You can use the pattern (part) you know to help you write a word.

New Sight Words: are, was

Poem: "Short i Song"
Your child can practice these letter names and sounds at home using the Alphabet Linking Chart in his/her Purple Take Home Folder. See photo below.
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Sight Word Practice Flashcards

Readers Workshop

This week:

  • We learned how to make text-to-world connections.
  • We learned that making a text-to-world connection is thinking about how the text (story) you are reading reminds you of events in our world (community and school)
  • We made connections with our field trip movie, "The Good Dinosaur" and our Ranger Focus Book, Cloudette. We noticed that the characters helped others and persevered in difficult times.
  • We wrote our opinion about a story and explained the reasons why we felt that way.

Please read to your child every day!

Please listen to your child read his or her Guided Reading Books nightly. Don't forget to fill in the log with the title of each Guided Reading book that is read.

Writers Workshop

This week we worked on writing stories with more than one sentence.

We continued to review the following skills and concepts:
  • We put a capital letter at the beginning of our sentence.
  • We put a period at the end of our sentence.
  • Words have spaces between them.
  • We can stretch out our words and write all the sounds we hear.
  • We can use resources in our classroom to help us in our writing.

Social Studies

We continued to discuss that every family has special customs according to their culture, traditions, and religions. We shared how our families celebrate.

Getting to know each other and our families is a good way to demonstrate respect and to acquire more knowledge about other families' customs.


Module 5

This week we wrapped up our learning in Module 5 by learning about growing patterns - patterns that increase or decrease by a constant difference. This was a bit of a challenge for many students, but it is always good to be stretched! Click here for a little more information about growing patterns.

We also took our Module 5 Post-Test to see how we have grown in our learning during this unit of study.

Please refer to the Module 5 Parent Letter for ideas on how to strengthen and support these math skills at home. This letter was sent home last Thursday.

Module 5 Parent Letter - English
Module 5 Parent Letter - Spanish


This week we collaborated and discovered even more ways to show motion through a Rube Goldberg machine. We watched videos of machines and reflected on what did and di not work. We shared new ideas with classmates, and some classes returned to the Maker Space to build new machines that completed a task.

Click here to watch a video of an amazing Rube Goldberg machine!

New READO Cards

New READO cards came home a while back. Click below for a copy you can print if you missed it in your child's folder.

READO #2 - English
READO #2 - Spanish

You may have noticed some different spots this time. For example: "Read a book from the Everybody "A" Section." Read the paragraphs below for an explanation:

Each section in the "Everybody" collection is labeled with a letter corresponding to the author's last name. The purpose of placing those on the READO cards was to begin to allow our students to notice how the books are organized/separated in the library.

If you would like to select books outside of our library, then you just need to match the letter on the card to the last name of the author of the books your child selects.

Six Flags Reading Log

Want your child to earn a free ticket to Six Flags for this summer? Just log your child's reading on the attached reading log and return it by Monday February 22nd. Click below for all the information and the log.

Six Flags Reading Log and Information - English
Six Flags Reading Log and Information - Spanish

A copy of this was sent home in the Friday Folder packet on Friday, November 20th.

Labels For Education

Please cut out and send in these labels. Weekly classroom winners are announced each Friday morning during Round Up! Funds earned support Roanoke Elementary.

Roanoke Elementary School University - Parent Information Night

Please follow the link below to access helpful information from our presentations at RES-University on Tuesday, September 8th.

RES-U Presentations

Please let your teacher know if you have any questions!