A great Place


Some people think of Pipestone as a small farm town but Pipestone is more than a farm town we are the Arrows. The Arrows are our team mascot . In Pipestone there is peace and quiet and we have a famous people like Todd Bouman the Vikings player. There are many opportunities to learn history about Pipestone and other things near here. This place is amazing and fun.

Places To Visit

To List a few

This is a list of the best places to visit

1.The Monument

2.Fort Pipestone

3.The Water Tower

4. Dars

5.The Calumet

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This is the performing arts center. It has a show on a lot so when you come you can watch shows and plays.

Well I don't want to spoil it all so.....

If you want to see even more things you should come . Thanks for reading this. It would be nice if you stopped by.

We would love to see you here.