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Volume 4 August 1, 2023

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Dear Friends,

I apologize for the late issue, I was on vacation in the Ozarks with my family. If my sister in-law ever comes to visit, it is usually at the end of July. This is a good time for her to get away, as she is a teacher in North Carolina and they don't return to school until after Labor Day. However, as a mom, teacher, or principal this was always the worst time for me. The last week of July for me meant summer is officially coming to an end. I was easily distracted by my own to-do list, and always felt guilty for not being mentally and sometimes physically present.

Whether we like it or not, July is over and August is here; which means that in just a few weeks most children and teenagers will be heading back to school. In this week's newsletter we are looking at technology and it's role in the lives of our children. From the classroom to the living room, technology is here to stay and it is not going away. This week we talk specifically about healthy habits and how to naturally include good "screen practices" in our daily routine.

Happy back to school shopping! I have to admit that I think I prefer back-to-school supply shopping to buying Christmas presents ... I guess that's my inner teacher coming out because I LOVE new school supplies. Enjoy what remains of your summer and take this time of planning to preparing for the journey ahead!

With A Grateful Heart,

Jodie Maddox

Parent Coach and Education Consultant

Skills for Success!

Back to school supplies aren’t limited to backpacks and Crayola markers. Laptops, tablets, and even cell phones are being used as instructional aides in almost all classrooms, even in elementary and primary grade levels.

Knowing this, it is even more important that we are using screens in an interactive, collaborative, creative way to help with important brain development during these formative years of our children.

Don't forget, you are your child's most important teacher. Children learn what is important by watching you and how you spend your time. If your cell phone and social media take up a large part of your time and energy, children learn how valuable these items are. As with most everything in your home, your actions deliver the message of importance when it comes to technology and screens.

Here are 6 easy things to help set and manage healthy boundaries regarding technology, screens, and all things digital.

Healthy Boundaries with Technology

  1. Set time limits appropriate for specific ages.

  2. Make sure content is age appropriate.

  3. Make sure technology is used in a common location like the family room or kitchen. Computers, laptops, tablets, and cell phones aren’t necessary or safe to be used in bedrooms or behind closed doors.

  4. Set guidelines about sharing personal information online.

  5. Complete a family technology agreement together.

  6. Consider writing a contract specifically for video games, cell phones, and/or tablets. Click here for a free copy for your family.

Is technology affecting our children's motivation? Click here to read more about attention, focus, motivation, and technology in my recent blog.

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Health and Wellness Corner - Dr. Ross

How blue light tricks the brain!

At night, blue light tricks the brain into thinking that it is daytime. Blue light (which is the light used in screens such as iPads, televisions, and video games) causes the brain to stop the natural secretion of melatonin - which is a hormone that prepares our brain and body for sleep, when light (especially blue light) is no longer present in our environment.

This can cause changes in sleep quality and your child may become restless, wake up in the middle of the night, have difficulty falling asleep, or wake up tired and lethargic. For that reason, it's important to eliminate screens 3 hours before bedtime to allow the body to produce melatonin for a restful night’s sleep.

If your child does get exposure to blue light, there are actionable steps you can take to reduce the effects of blue light exposure.

Tips to reduce blue light exposure:

  • Wear blue blocking glasses when the sun goes down and when your child is exposed to screen time

  • Get outside during the day to get natural blue light

  • Avoid bright screens and lights when the sun goes down

  • Use salt lamps or red light bulbs in your child’s room

Setting healthy boundaries with screen times and technology can make a world of difference in your child’s mood, behavior, learning, and focus.

Parent Corner

Why work with a parent coach?

  1. Personalized support and guidance tailored to the individual needs of my clients.
  2. I teach strategies rooted in strength-based parenting. By knowing your family's strengths, we can use these traits to address specific challenges.
  3. I guide parents through a process that allows them to find new supportive strategies to gain desired growth.

School Corner

Principals, counselors and directors of schools and clinics are loving the parent classes I offer via zoom. These classes are easy one hour classes that tackle skills, issues, and topics important to parents and teachers. PTO money and title money can be used to pay for the classes. Contact me today to book your parent sessions!

  1. Strength based parenting
  2. The importance of fostering executive functioning skills
  3. Caring for children when they are anxious
  4. Setting healthy boundaries
  5. Fostering early literacy skills
  6. How technology is affecting our children and teens

Upcoming Events

Intentional Parenting Workshop - Doors of Hope Counseling

Come join me on Tuesday nights, starting in September, for an Intentional Parenting Workshop, sponsored by Doors of Hope Counseling in Overland Park, KS or virtually via Zoom. These classes are especially helpful for parents of children with ADHD, ODD, OCD, ASD, and Anxiety. All classes are 7:30 - 9:00.

9/12/23 Self Care and Mindfulness for Parents

9/19/23 Why Focusing on Executive Functioning Skills is Important

9/26/23 Strength Based Parenting - Loving Your Unique Child

10/3/23 Loving Caring For Children When They Are Anxious

10/10/23 Setting Healthy Boundaries and Routines

1017/23 Technology and Development - A Dangerous Pair

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