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LGBTQA Discussion Panel

This will be an open discussion to ask questions and hear dialogue about the work being done in Billings and around Montana to support our LGBTQ community and to promote equality on target issues.

Please come with questions in mind to ask our panel. Please RSVP to trea@msubillings.edu so we have an accurate count for the discussion.

Our Guest Panel

Liz Welch- MT ACLU, LGBT Advocacy Coordinator

Bobbie Zenker- Disability Rights Montana, Lawyer; Author of TransMontana: A Memoir of Transformation in Body, Mind, and Spirit

Darrell Quintana- AKA Female Impersonator Electra Sexton

Debbie Schenk- Ally, Interchange, TAP 365, Pride Foundation Leadership Action Team Member

Clint Fausett- Yellowstone Aids Project, Prevention Coordinator and MORE Project Specialist

LGBTQA Discussion Panel

Monday, Nov. 25th, 10-11am

Beartooth Room, Student Union Building 1500 University Dr. Billings, MT 59101