My life as It is

-Itzel perez

I believe

Im happy with others, I laugh with you and with them.

I love her, i'm in love with you and I love them.

I care for others, I care for you and I care for them.

I share with all, I share with you and I share with them.

I understand others, I understand you, and I understand them.

I figured you all, I figured you, and I figured them.

Without others, without you, without them… who am I?

I dont matter to others, I dont matter to you, nor to them.

I carry my sorrow in the laugh I share with others, with them, and with you.

Truth is you only have no one but yourself of course you have family, and friends but they do not carry your sorrows and fears they have their own.

When no one is there but yourself you realize that you are stronger than what you think.

Like I was once told no one nor the world owes you for what you've been through, everyone goes through difficult times I am no exception.

This year … my senior year I learned to stay positive even when people that I thought would always stay walk out of my life.

My senior year I learned that it is okay to fail failure is necessary sometimes, at first when you don't succeed try try again.

My senior year I learned that eventually everyone will go their own way so there is no reason to hold unnecessary friendships and unnecessary people.

My senior year I learned who I want to be, and I will give the world my best I will try to better myself as a person each and everyday.

I believe in myself even when others don't they don't matter I matter I matter to myself and I want to be the best that I can be for me and for my future.

Forever ago

I used to skip on stones and break bones.

I knew I was wild but we all were.

once upon a time there were infinite hours, in a dark and stormy night I built a fort.

I forgot patience it was always my way.

I used to believe in magic genies, and mermaids.

I used to be afraid of rain and ran away.

I used to be naive but believed everything.

Over time I have grown as a person, grown wiser.

Night falls fast today is the past so live for a better tomorrow.

Run as far as you possibly can run and run fast run far.

Travel to the places that your mind has never been because you never allowed it to, roam free.

Open mind for a different view and you will understand.

Time is our biggest enemy yet our most sacred companion, time grows old with you and I.

Be happy with who you are and love the life you live.

It seems like forever ago when I was 5 and now I am 18 and starting a new chapter of my life.


Her life is as if from a Dr. Seuss story book where she never looks outside because everything

she wants is inside.

She is colorful, full of life, full of light,

When she once felt alone in the light of dawn.

Down on earth there are thorns don't you know?

Oh the places you'll go I've read and I know that I am here, and there,

even if I have not yet been,

because I soon will,

because life is colorful and full of light and I see it all because I'm already there

I am happy.

Outside it is crazy what they are, who they are, what they do, all insane,

but daisies still grow in meadows and snow is still mellow, still sane.

I am living, life is beautiful and I am alive.

captain lost

I go day by day with nothing to seek,

but looking to find.

To find the great perhaps that I once read.

I dread not finding anything at all.

In the sky is my meraki I left it there,

there I had once been when I was light.

I merge through waves and I am sand there is nothing.

I hope to find the lighthouse soon and that is how I cope.

To Sail and fail is what I fear but I must try again today,

to gain the peace within my breaths.

I will drain the burden blue in me,

which is why I have came here where it is big enough to hold the burden blue.

The sky is blue but a different type of blue though I have been there before when I was feeling a different type of blue.

The wind blew numb against me I could not feel nor see and now I am here numb to the burden blue.

It is true that you have no one but yourself here it is something that I had to learn.

I am alone here and there but alone is good when everything in me is pure and good.

I don't go day by day anymore,

I don't seek to find anymore.

I found myself I am good not burden blue.

Who I will be

I see hear and feel my words caving into and penetrating the hearts of all that listen.

My throat feels numb but I scream louder, my head feels heavy but but my words move mountains, separate oceans and resurrect the new world that you have been avoiding. I speak for us, I speak for the world, because maybe we will all listen and lives would be spared.

Faster than the speed of light I fall breathless to the floor with a bullet to the chest, it is there and then when I understood that we do not all share the same mindset. I also knew that that couldn't be the end there was so much more that I needed to see, hear, and feel... There is no way I could die there and then.

Cool breeze blows my hair back as I pass through Palm trees, life certainly does not get better than this.

I am now waking amongst a crowd of fast cars, flashing lights, "Moshi Moshi" I am living my vivid dream I am where I've always wanted to be.

The world can be harsh to some of us living barefoot with a habit of having a starving stomach.

Which is why I have dedicated my being for the well of these people, my heart is fulfilled every joy possible an everlasting joy.

In my life I gave powerful speeches that changed lives ... I know they did, in my life I traveled to any place that I wanted, in my life I fed world hunger, in my life I learned to have a spiritual life, in my life everything was great. Now we are all born to die and my time has come.

I died at the age of ... Never mind I'm not dead I never will be.

I'll just be remembered up until the age of 81.


I do not know why things are ought to be for some when things are not meant to be but rather what you make it be.

Life is mere coincidence if there is no faith and I believe in a higher source in God I believe, in God I trust.

Nothing is certain but death that is promised to you and I.

Life is merely short I have no time to wait upon reality so let me dream.

Life is merely cruel at times so don't dwell on pity nor the past for it will be your madness.

Be bitter not if later you find what you thought was true to be untrue.

Cicurate sadness let it not follow you like a shadow rather allow yourself to learn.

I talk not about what I've been,but who I am now that is all you need to know.

Who I used to be is my kalon it made me who I am now so you already know me.

I do not pretend for I am sure of who I am now.

I was once unsure of many things and naive to life itself.

I discovered the beauty in life nature is beautiful, people are crazy, and I discovered who I am.

I discovered that you must love yourself before you can love somebody else is it is vital for us all.

I grew as a person changed for the better I am not bitter and I am not cruel.

I care for all of you I hope that you all one day find what makes you entirely happy, because when someone is happy everything around them is happy.

I go to seek a great perhaps and I wish that upon everyone , I hope everyone is able to find their happiness eventually.

Good nor bad

How does a person remain good?

How does a good person stay sane?

Perhaps a good person was always a good person… which is why they are still good.

And perhaps a person that is good is already sane and will always be.

So I am bad,because I was never good to begin with, and i'm not sane because I was never good so I am bad.

But i'm good to the bad when the bad isn't good they're horrible actually, but I remember that the good is always what is remembered.

So you will remember me and I will remember the little good in you only because you were once important because I once cared.

To the people that I believed to be great you have failed me when I never failed you.

To lost friendships I will not miss you.

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