By.Mike Lucipa

About Mike

Michael is a twelve year old boy who came to America from Cuba with his brother Carlos and his Papi. Mike loves baseball and he is a HUGE Yankee Fan. Mike is a AMAZING pitcher and his idol is EL GRANDE who is a famous pitcher for the Yankees.


Unfortunately Mikes Papi died a few weeks after they moved from Cuba. Mike and his brother Carlos now live alone. Carlos is only 17 and if anyone found that out they would separate them.One day Mike saw someone trying to steal someones purse but Mike stopped the robber by throwing a baseball at his head.After Mike Saved The Woman they wanted to take a picture with Mike and his Papi but they dont know his Papi is dead.Mike cant play baseball because he is a big boy and he is only 12 the coach wants his birth certificate but his Papi left it in Cuba. Mikes Solution is to keep lying that his Papi is in Florida taking care of his sick uncle.
Michael lives in the Bronx near Yankee stadium. He plays baseball with the Clippers. They have a really good team, and they are trying to make it to the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania.

One of the teams they play against is Westchester. There is a boy named Justin on that team who doesn't like Mike because Mike is better than he is. Justin's father is the coach of Westchester. He and a few other coaches think Michael is older than twelve because of his size and talent as a pitcher, so they want to see his birth certificate. Mr Gibbs , a man from child services, said they only have his baptismal certificate and that isn't good enough. Therefore Michael is not allowed to pitch until it is produced.

Michael is getting deeper and deeper into lies because he tells the man Mr. Gibbs that his dad will be home in a few days. Michael's best friend Manny convinces Carlos to let his uncle pretend that he is their father so they can get this picture thing over and not worry about it anymore.

Michael also met a girl he liked who told him her name was Ellie. One night while watching baseball on T.V. he saw her and the announcer said she was El Grande's daughter Maria. He was angry that she lied about who she was, and the next time saw her he said a lot of hurtful things. He realized this and went to the stadium to try to give a note to El Grande to give to his daughter. He caught El Grande's attention by singing a song in Spanish that he knew El Grande sang to Maria. He was able to give him the note.

Michael kept having to sit out of the games because they could not find his birth certificate in Cuba. One day, as he was helping coach the game, El Grande , Maria and Mr Gibbs came walking on the field. They had his birth certificate. Turns out Manny told Maria about Mike's story and her father knew people in Cuba who helped find the certificate. Mike was able to go in the game and they won. Now they were going to the playoffs and they got to play the game at Yankee stadium.

Audiobook: Heat by Mike Lupica


I would recommend this book because it is a story for baseball lovers especially Yankee fans. It's an inspiring story because it shows struggles and how Mike overcame them. There are many obstacles in life that we have to get through, and this shows that it can be done and it works out.