PAP World History Newsletter

Cycle 1, Issue 2

Another Week in the Books

I hope everyone had an excellent Labor Weekend! There are a few things that I need to make everyone aware of that are happening in class.

1. Absences- I know that students will be absent, but please encourage your students to email me whenever they are sick or to make sure to come to tutoring as soon as they return. I have already run into some issues regarding students not making up quizzes or work when they are gone. Although I have been lenient on this, next week I will start to strictly enforce the absence and late work policy. Students are given one extra day plus the number of days they missed to make up any assignments including tests and quizzes. Late work can be turned in up to four days late with a penalty, but will result in a 0 once the deadline has passed.

2. Weekly Essays- Every Monday students are turning in their weekly essay into a specific google drive. Students are to pick a current event and then write a 10-12 sentence essay that includes a brief summary and their opinion on the event. The first essay is due September 14, 2015 by 4:30.

3. Grades- I know everyone might be anxious about grades, but please do not fret. We have only been working with curriculum for two weeks, so we will begin to add grades to average all assignments out. That being said, please keep on your students about completing their readings and homework.

4. Curriculum Night- Tuesday, September 15, 2015, LEHS is having an open house! This is a great opportunity to talk to teachers again and see what is happening within the school. Please stop by between 7-8:30!

Sarah McKimmey

Extra Credit Coming Soon!


Meet Mr. Gee

Hello Parents,

Well this is long overdue, but I would like to introduce myself. My name is Brad Gee, and I am currently enrolled at Dallas Baptist University. I am an education major and in the process of completing my degree by student teaching. I have the wonderful opportunity to get to do so in your child’s class. I am student teaching with Ms. McKimmey in PAP World History. I will be student teaching in this class until the middle of October. A little about me, I grew up not far from Little Elm in the small town of Anna, Texas. I graduated 3rd in my class. I enjoy sports and reading. I decided to be a teacher because I love history, and I believe that teaching is a great way to influence kids for a bright future. If you have any questions or concerns for me, feel free to ask Ms. McKimmey or e-mail me I look forward to the rest of the semester and the success of your child.

Brad Gee

Upcoming- A look at next week

9/14- First weekly essay and atlas activities are due

*Go over writing expectations and formulation for Thursday

9/15- Review for test in class

9/16- Multiple choice test (tests are 60% of grade)

9/17- First timed writing

9/18- Start Unit II

Tutorial Reminders

Before School: Monday-Thursday 8:15-8:45

After School: Must be scheduled 24 hours in advance