Holifield Happenings

September 15, 2016

Highlights from the week:

  • Reading is thinking. So this week, the children have started recording their thinking during independent reading on sticky notes.
  • Caesar's English lesson 3 brought 5 more stems. We are up to 15. Remember that all the prior words and stems will be on each quiz for the next few weeks. Quizlet is a fun and easy review. I will post the link to the new study set on Google Classroom each week.
  • In writing, we've discussed Small Moments and the children have recorded as many as they can think of in their Writer's Notebook. They worked with a partner to brainstorm and "borrow" ideas from each other. Some children have already started sketching out their narrative idea from this process.
  • In Science, the Weather unit is set up in their notebooks. We've talked about what we will be studying in this chapter and begun our discussion of the water cycle.
  • In Math, factors and multiples...we are getting them straight. :-) Our first unit has us working with rectangular arrays, prime numbers, square numbers, factors, multiples and other properties of numbers. We should be ready for at least a quiz next week. I will let you know the date when that decision is made.

Class Calendar

Please use the link below to view our class calendar. This is the place that you can go to when you are wondering about dates, assignments, and deadlines.


ALEKS is weekly homework. It is obviously not grade for "correctness" but it is put in each nine weeks as a grade based on completion. Each child begins the nine weeks with a 100 on this assignment. Every week that the 30 minutes per week (at home) is not completed subtracts 5 points on that grade. Last night I recorded the children's minutes for the first two weeks of ALEKS homework. I only have 5 of my 23 students that still have a 100. :-(

I know that internet connections and computers/tablets have issues from time to time. Your child is welcome to complete their ALEKS time before school (or even stay a few minutes late on select days) on a Chromebook in our pod. It only takes 2 days of working from 7:15-7:30 am to have their ALEKS homework done. The same goes for staying a few minutes later. The pod is fairly empty of children at 2:45. One day of leaving at 3:15 would allow a child time to accomplish their homework. I am willing and available to work with you. However, I will need to know in advance if they are planning to do this. Not everyday works for me. Monday and Tuesday mornings are never good, and Tuesday afternoons we have faculty meetings. Besides that, I am usually flexible enough to be there.

Read Your Way to the Big Game

The “Read Your Way to the Big Game” contest is underway at HWES and in many other K-8 schools across SC! Students will read six reading-level appropriate books to enter to win the grand prize! Two students from SC will win the Grand Prize—one for USC and one for Clemson. Each winner will receive 4 tickets to the Palmetto Bowl (Clemson vs. Carolina) in November, sideline passes, and pregame activities! Official reading logs will be kept in the classroom. Encourage your child to keep reading for a chance to win!

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