The Team True Believer Newsletter for Summer 2013

What is Going On??!

First of all, I would like to say WELCOME to all our new team members! Our team, since June 1st has added 55 members! That is simply owlmazing. I hope our new team members feel the Trubie love!!

In this edition of "Krista Saysanam's -I love Origami Owl and I know you do too- Newsletter," we will go over highlights for the months of June, inspiration and new products from the O2 Experience National Convention, mentoring, meetings, trainings and just some good stuff!!!

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O2 National Convention 2013- What an Owlmazing Experience!!

We had such an amazing time at the convention! It was full of information, training, inspiration, touching stories of Designers overcoming adversity and of course- new product reveals!
You can catch up by watching a few videos. Please click on these links:
Origami Owl's core values: password: oovalues
Take a Tour of the Nest with Bella Weems: password: ootour
Check out the NEW Designer Starter kits: password:ookit

New Product Reveal!! We were introduced to several new charms and new items, including a fabulous new link locket bracelet!! It will be available this fall (no confirmed date has been released) but we are sure to hit a homerun with it!! It has crystals, is pave set and the locket top screws on and off!! Not only that, this locket has a loop that is on each side, and can be worn with the new "over your heart chain!"

More Owlsome New Products!

Apple accent tag
Namaste tag
Trust tag
Shamrock tag
Find joy in the journey tag
Miracle tag
We all received an o2 tag not sure if that was just a convention tag or if it will be available to everyone

Aqua purse
Aqua high heel (also coming in pink)
New lipstick (retiring the old)
Pink clutch purse that says "shop" (retiring the I love to shop purse)
New blingy music note (retiring the current music note)
Yarn w/ knitting needles
Golf bag
Love. (Called typewriter love) (retiring the current love
Love (called script love) (pretty cursive)
Rainbow w/ clouds
Hope (in cursive w/ bling)
Angel (retiring the current one)
R/G cross (& in G)
R/G vintage cross
R/G mom heart
R/G double wing (& in G)
G infinity
G owl w/ clear eyes
G dog paw

16" toggle chain (s, g, & r/g)
Long g layering chain (I assume 32")
32" s box chain
20" sterling silver chain
Link locket over the chain (again I assume 32") in g & s

S & G link locket (top screws on & has a rubber gasket in it. It's also pave!
Also another bracelet that looks like the rolo chain. It can be worn alone or w/ a mini

G lock (we currently just have it in s)
G double wings
S bird cage
S & G Pave sparkling lock
S & G pave sparkling key

Love- large silver
O2 signature -med & lg (s & g)
Cross -med & lg (definitely s don't know about g)
Key - med & lg (definitely s don't know about g)

ATTENTION CLASS!!!! Break Out Sessions at the Convention were OWLMAZING!

I went to a few of the Breakout session classes that were available after general session. The classes were amazing! I went to type up the notes, but I am such a notetaker, that this newsletter will never be done if I type them all out. I will do a recorded playback that you can call in and listen to and post the number on our Facebook team page soon.

Videos and power point presentations of these sessions will be available in the backoffice soon.

In the meantime, when you get a moment, please listen to this GREAT recorded playback conference call that our Director Robyn Torres did. She does a wonderful recap of the highlights of the Convention.

Play back Phone #: (605) 475-4799
Access Code: 591961#
Reference: 6 #

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Trubies Have Team Spirit! We OOoooooooze Aqua Sparkles!

We were blessed to spend alot of time together, getting to know each other. It was so much fun. Hoping to do more team activities together (I need to be more organized with this, but I have a whole year to prepare!) I hope you take advantage of the earlybird price and register for 2014 National Convention as soon as you can!

I am hoping to get us together in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area for meetings on a more frequent basis.

Las Vegas- My Hubby would like to take me there for my birthday. The tentative dates for it are Nov 15, 16, and 17. If you would like to meet me there, I would LOVE to see you!!

Regional Trainings:

Here is a link to the meetings that are currently scheduled:

These are not company set, which is why you do not see these in your backoffice. Direct to Corporate leaders and Directors in the area set them up, but members from the Nest will be there. But, if you can go to them, this is a fabulous opportunity to get training from the best of the best.

June Recap

June was a good month for us. Not our best, but as they say, the "J" months in sales are the slowest!! We were on the downwind from Mother's Day and some of us had a hard time getting the sales in, where some of us just needed a break!!!

As a team, we did $81,609! Still fabulous!!!
Top 10 Trubies in PV:
1) Gina Loretelli $4708
2) Carrie Smith $3663
3) Heather Hockett $3139
4) Lauren Barnes $2368
5) Missie French $2293
6) Ronda Anderson $1858
7) Meredith Bivens $1795
8) Amy Bertolotti $1643
9) Buffie Edwards $1539
10) Melina Trevino $1525

We have lots of Trubies who are building their teams like crazy too!! I want to recognize the ones who have had the most growth in the past 60 days:
J.J. Mason- 5
Amy Meyer- 5
Erin Hernandez- 3
Jennifer Moncivais- 3

And I added 6 to my frontline team ;)

We are not only a FORCE FOR GOOD, we are a force to be reckoned with! The monthly recognition with top achievers in the company ALWAYS has members from our team listed on it. Be proud. You are part of a truly amazing team.

Is Your Goal Building a Team? Then Lets Talk About Magnificent Mentoring!

According to Wikipedia, "Mentoring" is a process that always involves communication and is relationship based,
Mentorship is a personal relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. However, true mentoring is more than just answering occasional questions or providing ad hoc help. It is about an ongoing relationship of learning, dialog, and challenge.

When you bring someone onto your team, make the commitment to become their Mentor. This relationship is important and can be crucial to the success of your team members' success, as well as your own.

Tami Butcher, our Direct to Corporate Leader said it best in her breakout session she taught about communicating with your team:
"When you mentor others, you simultaneously teach them how to mentor."

According to Origami Owl, the role and duties of a Mentor are:
+ Support you in choosing a business Launch date
+ Provide you with suggestions for her first 30 days of parties (2-3 minimum)
+ Explain | review the ordering and payment process
+ Encourage participation in Training Calls + importance
+ Review the Career Plan - how you will make money and the value of sponsoring
+ Provide their contact information | office hours
+ Ensure that they are your first point of contact
+ Be available to answer questions in a timely manner
+ Understand your reasons | intent for joining the team; support their goals
+ Continue to coach, guide and mentor you via regular (weekly | monthly) follow-up

This is a file I came across. GREAT tips on how to build your team!

Why add to your team?
There can be only one you, and even the most amazing Designer in the world has their limits.
Let’s face it, doing more than 16 Jewelry Bars a month is tough!
You must be able to multiply yourself so that you can make the most of your time.
If you don’t build a team, you are leaving money on the table! To make the most of our compensation plan, focus on a balanced business of team building and sales.
Listen for compliments, and for magic questions.
When someone compliments or questions you, think why did they? Then respond.
Her-"Wow you are good at this!"
You- "Thank you. You may just be noticing how much fun I am having!"
Her- "How much do you make?"
You- "That’s a great question! I decide what I can make by planning how many Jewelry Bars and events I do."
Her- "How often do you work?"
You- "Great question. I’m curious, why do you ask?"
or "Most Designers choose to do 4-6 Jewelry Bars a month. I’ve decided a better fit for me is 6-8 a month."
Her-"Who is watching your kids?"
You- "I’m curious, why do you ask?" or, "My husband is parenting our kids right now."

What if you are/get nervous?
Remember to take the attention off of you. This is about who you are talking to. It may help reduce some of the stress.
Listen. Always listen. It is one of the most important things when speaking to others about our business opportunity. Seek ways to connect with them.
I challenge you to think about these questions…
What would you be doing now if the person who shared O2 with you would have decided to just turn around and leave, or hang up the phone, because they let their fear stop them?
If you've had one wonderful experience with Origami Owl then who are you to deny this opportunity to someone else?

What do you do when you hear a magic question or compliment?
Remain calm, and above all don’t panic!
Don’t give them too much information all at once.
Too much information isn’t helpful and might be confusing. Remember, a confused mind always says no.
Answer the questions they ask with concise sentences and a smile.
Be sincere. Speak from your heart.
Find out more. Listen to what they say!
If you feel they are done with questions say something like, “Those are amazing questions, what else can I share with you about Origami Owl?”
Always be prepared! Give them an attractive packet with easy to follow, yet minimal information.
A packet can be in a cellophane bag or an envelope. It should have our Career Plan Chart, our O2 Business Launch Packages, a Take Out Menu, a business card and an O2 pen. Remember to have a little fun and add a few Life Savers (because our business is a life saver!)
Remember don’t put too much in the packet, they need a reason to follow up with you.
Make an appointment time to follow up. Add a date and time to your calendar right away and encourage them to do the same.
Hand out at least three information/sponsoring packets at every Jewelry Bar. No matter what! Seek out those who have used magic questions or who would be fun to work with.

What if they don’t sign up right away?
Your job is to share, to offer, to inform, to follow-up, to be a part of the O2 team and to smile. Everything else is up to them. Not everyone will be ready within your timeframe. Just remember to keep in touch so that when they are ready, yours is the first voice they hear and the first name they think of.
Remember to add everyone you meet to your O2 Connection Newsletter list.
Find an easy way to track the people you talk with about Origami Owl. Use an excel spread sheet, or even a binder with a sheet for each person you are chatting with.
How do you generate interest at a Jewelry Bar?
The big rule here is always, always, no exceptions, say something to the group. Never pre-judge based on appearance or what you think

If team building is a goal for you, please make sure you let your Mentor know and she can help you achieve your goal!

What you SHOULD expect from your Mentor:
1.) All questions answered. Your mentor should always either be able to direct you to the answers to your questions or find someone on the team who can.
2.) Sounding board with corporate. Your mentor should be your place to go to discuss issues with the corporate office. Many times things are easily dealt with in a call from your mentor to the corporate office. Does this mean that you can't call Corporate? No, but if you do and you have trouble, your mentor is the one to go to.
3.) Someone to share your goals with. Your mentor is someone you should most definitely share your goals for your business with and you should expect that they will help to mentor you to the path that will take you to your goals. No matter how big or how small your goal may be, your mentor should always listen to it and help you find a way to get to it.
4.) Applaud your efforts. Your mentor should always applaud the efforts you are making to get your business off the ground, build your team, become a leader, etc.
5.) Communication. Communication is a 2-way street. You should expect communication from your mentor and you should also expect to communicate with your mentor. While your mentor has some responsibility to get in contact with you to be sure that you are getting the training materials you need, maybe give you a pep talk the day of your first party, talk you home on that night you are driving from a $50 party (yes ladies, even I have $50 parties once in a while!!) You should always expect to be part of that equation too by calling when you have a question, calling to show appreciation, or calling to tell her some awesome news! (We LOVE to hear good news!!!) So, you should always expect communication from your mentor but should always expect to give some back also.
6.) Discuss frustrations – Puke up, Praise down! You should NEVER, EVER complain to your downline. Not about your upline. Not about your problems with your other people on your first level. Not about any of that stuff. The person you should always be complaining to is your mentor. Always keep the negative stuff with your upline because when you complain down, it gives your downline negative attitudes. So, always Puke up and praise down.
7.) Help you brainstorm. Your mentor should always help you brainstorm to find solutions to the problems you are having with your business, problems you may be having with your downline, etc.
8.) Believe in you! - If you are in a relationship with someone and they don't believe in you, are you going to believe in yourself? Probably not. So you should always expect your mentor to believe that you can do anything you want to do.
9.) Listen to you. You should always expect that they will listen to you. Whether they listen to your side of an argument, or they listen to your downline problems, or party problems, or they listen to your demo issues. You should always expect your mentor should always listen and help you with those problems.
What you should NOT expect from Mentor/Upline:
1.) Party Leads. This is a PERK. It is not a requirement for any leader. If you get a lead from your upline you should feel privileged to have gotten it. There may be many other people they could have picked besides you. PLUS, if you book it, this is a party you didn't even have to work for! So be sure to make it worth even more by booking more parties from it and keeping your business going! You never know if you will get another lead.
2.) Consultant Leads. IF you get designer leads from your mentor, this is most DEFINITELY a perk. Remember, your mentor has to keep their first level building every day too. So every DIW lead you are given means that is one less that they can follow up with and try to sign up themselves. Directors don't stop recruiting once they get there. They have minimum amounts of recruits they must have on their first level and minimum amounts of sales. They HAVE to be out in the "party trenches" just like you in order to keep their business growing. SO, you should treat every single DIW lead you get like the gold it is.
3.) 24 hr. availability. If an upline had to be available 24 hours a day, would you want to be one? Remember, your mentor has families, hobbies, and even other jobs of their own. Most leaders make themselves available as much as humanly possible to be sure that they are there when you need them. But please remember, they need to spend time with their families and such too, and can't be expected to be on call 24/7.
4.) Money Loans. I don't know what to say about this one except um.... yeah, that.
5.) Contests. Contests and motivational challenges are a PERK also. Some Designers/Mentors do them for their team. Some do not. Contests should not be your only motivation in running your business. This is YOUR business. You get more rewards from running your business for yourself and making more money for yourself than doing it just to win a contest. Contests are fun and don't get me wrong, I love getting my "product of the month" from my upline but it should not be the ONLY reason you try to work your business.

What your
mentor expects from you:
1.) In order to get the most, you must communicate often.
2.) Attend Meetings. Whether it’s a conference call or local meetings!
3.) Acknowledge Upline. And I don't mean just on Facebook. I mean in general. Your mentor is human just like you are. They like to be appreciated just like you do. They don't like to be constantly expected to just give and give and give and never get a thank you, or an I appreciate all you do/have done for me, or something similar. Does this mean send flowers and candy and treat them like a goddess?? NO, but some people don't even have mentor that give them any training or help at all. Be sure you are being appreciative of what you HAVE.
4.) Report back with solutions that don't work. This is important because if the solutions to your problems do not work then more help is needed either from her upline or corporate.
5.) Hot buttons. You MUST tell your mentor what your "hot button" is or how will they know? Mentors are not mind readers. We cannot just assume what it is that you want. You must tell us. I guarantee you that if you tell your mentor what it is that you want from your business, she WILL help you get it!
6.) Be friendly to everyone around you. This includes your O2 sisters in the FB group and or from other teams. You catch more flies with honey. You are more apt to get help from people if they think you are a likable person.

Now, am I a perfect leader??? No, I am far from that! Just because someone has a title doesn't make them the perfect leader/trainer/ mentor/etc. Just because someone gives birth doesn't make them a great mother. Both take WORK and we're ALL fallible. So no one will ever be perfect. Take what you can get and appreciate that you had the chance to get it and if it works for you, OWLSOME! You'll make more money and you'll maybe even be a better leader or you'll be inspired to BE a leader.
Just keep in mind that your leaders are human too. We truly care about your success but we also care about our families and other commitments too, just like you do!!

Hope this edition of Magnificent Mentoring was helpful and insightful!

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Trip to Cabo Anyone?!

This is the FIRST trip incentive reward that Origami Owl has ever offered! I was so excited and cheered and clapped so hard at convention that my hands hurt!

4 day 3 night stay at the Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos Golf and Spa Resort!

· February 4th-7th, 2014 · February 7th-10th, 2014

"Take Flight to Paradise" to Cabo- an all inclusive resort that looks OWLMAZING! Here is the website to the resort:
and Dropbox file to the goal setting planner-
For Official Rules please read:

HOW TO ENTER: The Contest begins on July 1, 2013, and ends at midnight (Pacific Time) on November 31, 2013 (hereinafter “Contest Period”). All Company Designers in good standing as of the above, July 1, 2013 date, shall automatically be registered in the Contest. However, in order to qualify for the Prizes below, a Company Designer must earn or accumulate a total of 15,000 points as determined below.

RULES: The contest begins on July 1, 2013. From this point onward, Designers Personal Volume (“PV”) and Central Team Volume (“CTV”) will be tallied and tracked by the Company through 12A.M. PST on December 1, 2013, at which time the contest will close. Personal Volume and Central Team Volume will have the same meaning and definitions as found in Designer Career Plan located in the Company’s back office.

a. For every $1 PV accumulated by the Designer, 1 point will be awarded.

b. For every $250 CTV accumulated by the Designer, 1 point will be awarded.

c. On November 31, 2013 at 11:59 PM, the 300 designers that have accumulated the most points will be eligible to earn the below prize (trip)

d. Of the above 300 designers, the 150 that have accumulated the most points will get to choose the date of the trip in accordance with the below available dates.

Whooooo wants to say HOLA to CABO?!
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Just Some Inspiration....

If you work hard at your business, you can achieve great success with it. I am far from perfect. I do not have the direct sales experience that some of our team members have, but I really do try my hardest to be the BEST mentor I can be to my entire team. I truly love to Mentor and getting to know all of you has been alot of fun. This time last year, I was just starting to build my team. I was a Team Leader and was recognized for having a high PV at $750! WOW! So much has changed and evolved in one years time. Our team currently has 250 Designers!! There has been some trying times, tribulation, but with faith and fortitude, we have powered on. There will be some tough times, Origami Owl is still changing, evolving, learning from trial and error, but as long as you keep positive, and keep moving forward, and work hard, you will succeed.
What I know I have gained in this past year and hope that you will gain on your journey with Origami Owl too:
- friendships
-self confidence
-feeling good that I get to use my creativity and previous work experience
-I figured out how to use Facebook and Instagram better
-I smile a lot more
-I don't feel as guilty for wanting or doing more for myself
-I have been able to financially contribute to my family
-I was able to pay for a trip to Vegas for my husband and me, and a family trip to Destin, FL
- Happiness! I know I am a better wife and mother because I am a happier woman.

We all have different goals and different definitions of what we think is SUCCESS. No matter what, make sure you celebrate often, and do not be hard on yourself. You are your own boss, and also your worst critic.
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I Love My Trubies!

Wishing You the Best,
Krista Saysanam
Executive Team Leader of Team True Believers

Weird fact about me: I am allergic to any fruit that has a skin, like cherries, plums, peaches. It makes my gums and tongue itchy and my lips blister up.

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