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Weekly Memo for STAFF

Week of August 19-23: Have a great week!

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Streelman: Out of Office

Thursday all day: Principal Meeting at District Office

Possibly Friday....TBD

~~I am always available via text/email.

What's Happening in the Eagle's Nest?

Team Leader Meeting

We will meet Monday at 3:30 in my office. We will adjourn by 4:15 pm. 3:30 allows Jen and me to get the parent pick up line finished.

Ceiling Tile Event

We will host the ceiling tile painting event this Thursday at 5:30 pm in the cafeteria. Let Streelman know if you want to participate!

Upcoming Trainings

August 21-22 Really Great Reading Training (coverage schedule will be emailed; we need lots of coverage!)

August 28~Science PLC Training during plan for all teachers

August 30-APTT Training for PreK and K

Magic Show

We are hosting a Magic Show at 5:30 pm on August 30. Admission will be $3 a person and concessions will be sold starting at 5:00 pm.

Thank you!

I am so blessed that you chose SES!