The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

The Holocaust


  • During World War 2, half a million Jews lived in the Polish city of Warsaw.
  • The Jews in Warsaw were forced to live in the small, ghetto after being captured by Germans.
  • After almost 3 years of captivity, the Jews of Warsaw learned that the Nazis were planning on destroying the Ghetto and the people who lived there.
  • This acted as a birthday present to Adolf Hitler.
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  • Pulling together a makeshift group of rebels and a small supply of weapons, they prepared to face the German army, after hearing about the Germans plans.
  • When the nazis came into the Ghetto the next day, they expected to find starving people waving sticks for mercy.
  • Instead they found blood thirsty rebels fighting for their home.
  • For the next 28 days, the determined freedom fighters battled for their lives against the fearsome German army.
  • While outside the Ghetto, the people of Warsaw ignored the fires and gunshots and acted as though nothing was happening.
  • Driven by pride the Jews successfully defeated thousands of German soldiers before running out of weapon supplies.
  • The Jews of the Ghetto were captured and executed for their rebellion for the killing of many German soldiers.


  • Ultimately the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising served as a beacon of hope to Jews for escaping this tragic time.
  • News leaks out about the German Concentration Camps and it spreads to Jews all over Germany
  • The people of Warsaw continued to rebel against the Germans and creating a everlasting legacy of courage and hope.
  • In the end, the Germans blew up the synagogue resulting in a end to the rebellion and later destroying the rest of warsaw.
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