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April 2013

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William's Gym and available resources for you!!!

We may all walk into William's Gym at one point or another for a Physical Education class or for an Oxford Studies event.. But how many of us go and utilize the resources that are designed and made available to us? Here are some of the resources you can take advantage of.. FOR FREE!

1. We all know of the weight room upstairs is the perfect place to tone and strengthen by exercising with free weights, cybex machines, and an array of fitness machines.

2. Aerobic Room: Located adjacent of the weight room, this room can be utilized as a dance studio, and for fitness classes. To participate in the nightly aerobic & fitness classes, you must sign up by contacting the Center of Healthful Living office by email or phone call.

3. The swimming pool used for scuba and PE classes can also be used a night swimming facility. From 7:30 pm to 9:45 on MTWTh and Sun, this facility is yours to use freely.

4. William's Gym is used for many to play pick up basketball but it can also be used for volleyball, indoor soccer, and badminton!

5. The tennis courts are usually taken up by our Eagles for practice and matches, but when it is open, if it all yours to use. This is one of Oxford's finest facilities and perfect for recreational tennis matches.

6. Sand Volleyball Court can be found next to Lil's and can be used any time to play a nice game of volleyball with friends.

7. The soccer field next to East Village is available for use anytime of the day! It is mostly used for soccer but can also be used to football, and other intramural sports. While you're there, check out the track and warm up before you play!

8. The bike racks near by Williams are for Bike Oxford which is perfect for students, faculty, and staff to enjoy a nice, breezy ride through the quad or a ride off campus to enjoy a breath of fresh air. There are 15 bikes in total and students, faculty, and staff can check them out at the William's Gym reception desk at NO COST!

Tips on being HEALTHY! Food, Exercises, and Information for YOU!

A soccer Poem by Oxford's Sid Raju!

The stitched sphere touches white on green

as cleats line in place. Zebra spots accompany zebra stripes

as he signals the start of battle.

A roll forward, a roll back.

A dribble, a juggle, a head.

A skirmish, a struggle, a possession, a repossession.

The troops move closer and closer to victory

invading, taking control, organizing.

The opposing general shouts and screams

to no avail, as judgment


The guardian stays resolute,

angels before him,

but how could Heaven be safe,

with Satan’s horde abreast?

He spreads himself,

the final defense,

hands of a giant,

soft as night. Impelled by motion,

slave to physics,

he is quickly outnumbered, and slowly defeated.

The victors cheer, jubilant in their success, but the

glee falls to somber,

as the zebra once more touches white on green

and battle restarts.