Team Delia Update

September 26, 2016

Curriculum Corner

Language Arts
  • Begin word study lessons
  • Finish reading workshop minilessons
  • Finish fall reading level assessments (BAS).
  • Begin Unit 1 Reader's Workshop: Identifying Main Idea/Supporting Details AND Asking Questions
  • Continue independent reading, author studies, Reader's Response journals.
  • Narrative Writing
  • Continue Star Student letters, Weekend Update writing, and Reader's Response writing.
  • Begin Unit 2 in Everyday Math Upcoming Lessons: grouping by 10's, addition number stories, doubles and combinations of 10, the making 10 strategy, the near doubles strategy, and the turn-around rule for addition.
  • Scientific Process.
Social Studies

  • Geography unit.


  • October 12: Early Dismissal
  • October 14: First Quarter Ends
  • October 21: Granola With Grandparents

Weekly Leader and Star Leader

Upcoming leaders are as follows:

  • Week of 9/26: Weekly Leader: Emmah Star Leader: Nathan
  • Week of 10/3: Weekly Leader: George Star Leader: Joel
  • Week of 10/10: Weekly Leader: Cody Star Leader: Hugh
  • Week of 10/17: Weekly Leader: Addison Star Leader: Sophie
  • Week of 10/24: Weekly Leader: Sophie Star Leader: Ava

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."