Epiphany Of Learning

By: Lily Culver

So Many Awesome Things!

This semester at BJSH was such a learning experience for me. My major is Early Childhood Education, so I have never worked with students older than 10 years old. My epiphany of learning came while I was working with my student during clinical. My epiphany was when I realized how smart middle schoolers are. I honestly did not know what to expect coming into a middle school classroom and I was very nervous about it. I did not feel that I had the proper skills to teach students of this age level because I have only learned how to teach young children. But, working with my student this semester opened my eyes to some really cool things. Whenever my student did not know the answer to something, he made sure he figured it out. He is very ambitious. I was surprised at how ambitious he was because I feel like I was not as ambitious as him when I was in 6th grade! My other epiphany was when I realized that I CAN teach middle schoolers. I genuinely feel that I helped my student with his reading comprehension and fluency. We worked a lot with his online reading program and his fluency increased greatly by the end of the semester! Anything is possible when you put your mind to it!

As for the technology aspect of the course, I learned a lot as well. I love that I got to see middle school students actually use technology in the classroom, because I had never seen that before. I saw how technology can greatly help a student's learning process. They can help with comprehension, fluency, and there are so many great online apps and resources for students with disabilities or English Language Learners. The possibilities are endless!