By DesmondDeans


1. Mesopotamia is located in the fertile crescent it lies between the Tigris and Euphrates river. And it means between the rivers.

3. It has a hot and dry climate.

4. Iraq would be present day country.

5.6,374 miles.


1.Babylon, ur, Uruk.

2.Cities written language religious structure political structure.

3.They help regulate the civilization.

4. 262. If any one a cow or sheep. 210. If this woman die his daughter shall be put to death. 212. If this woman die he shall pay half a Mina. 188. If an artisan has undertaken to rear a child and teaches him his craft he can not be demanded back. 196. If man put out eye of another man his eye shall be put out.

5.Gilgamesh was a king of Uruk.


1. They had little water and rain.

2. It contributed to the collapse beacuse they ran out of food.

3. They ate barley, wheat, dates, cucmerbers, onions, apples, and spices.

4. They live near a body of water so they could have a surplus of food.

5. First they would need water to grow the crops. Next make an irrigation system to redirect the water. Lastly make reulators to lower the levels of the water so they can go to the farmland.


1. The hanging gardens of Babylon is purely legendary.

3. Cuneiform is a writing system. The Sumerians invented it.

4. The different classes of people are priest, upper class, lower class, slaves.

5. A ziggurat is a temple. It was used so that the gods could go up in the sky.