Cinco de mayo

All there is to know

Why is it celebrated?

Cinco de mayo is celebrated because of the Battle of Puebla, and it is also seen as a source of pride for the Mexican-Americans.

When and where is it celebrated?

Cinco de mayo is celebrated on the fifth of may. The name of the holiday, "cinco de mayo" simply means "fifth of may" in Spanish. It is celebrated in the United States and Mexico, primarily in the state of Puebla.

How is it celebrated?

Cinco de mayo celebrates the holiday with many different traditions. These traditions consist of large parades with people dressed up as Mexican and French soldiers. Also, vendors usually sell some traditional Mexican foods and festive clothing and accessories for people to wear during the parades. Like many American holidays, Cinco de mayo also celebrates with large feasts of traditional Mexican food with their families. Such as; tacos, enchiladas, as well as different dips and tortilla chips.