Laura Martin - Technology Integration Specialist

Update: BFlex Offering: Introduction to Google Slides as a Class Collaboration Tool

Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 3:30-4:30pm

1170 Fernwood Street

Bethlehem, PA

Description: We will be meeting in the NE Middle School Library.
In this one hour session, you will be introduced to using Google Slides as a way to have students collaborate on a group project in Google Classroom, Schoology or as a standalone project using the Google Drive. If you are coming late from another school it's perfectly okay, I can adjust the length of time and catch you up!

Please register using the google form link here:


Early October Edition - Election season is upon us!

If you are a Social Studies teacher, this Fall is an exciting time with the election around the corner. A Northeast Middle School teacher is heading up a school-wide "PollEverywhere" Presidential Election Poll. If you are interested in getting one going at your school, drop me an email and I will stop by and help get your school set up for an exciting 2016 Presidential Election Poll! Email me at:

The Polls are easy and responses can be collected through any device including sending a text message from a smartphone. Polls can easily be displayed and responses can be set to Anonymous. There is even a new Google Slide feature that allows polling right through a Google Slide presentation. Check out to check out the possibilities!

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In this issue...

20 YouTube Channels for Social Studies Teachers

Google Docs and Chrome Updates and Tricks

  • Translating to any Language in Chrome with a Keystroke
  • Adding Columns in a Google Doc
Stay Tuned for the 2016 Fall BASD Twitter Challenge BFlex

20 YouTube Channels for Social Studies

Control Alt Achieve is a blog written by Eric Curts. Fantastic resource for Social Studies Teachers! 20 YouTube Channels for Social Studies. Here are a few examples below of the channels listed. Thank you Eric!

Google and Chrome Updates and Tips

Google Chrome: How to Translate to Any Language with a Keyboard Shortcut!

Here is another reason why the Google Chrome browser rocks! If you teach a class and have ESL students and you want to share a document, a webpage, or your Google Classroom, you can easily translate that page with a quick keystroke on both your Mac and student Chromebooks! Watch the video for a demonstration on how to use control-click on your Macbook or Alt-click on a Chromebook.

Translating to any Language using Google Chrome with a Keystroke


We all loved the flexibility of Pages and sometimes get frustrated with Google Docs and the lack of ease with adding columns and text boxes. In the past the workaround for this was to simply add a table wherever you wanted a different configuration and make the table lines transparent. This works fine but is sometimes limiting. Google has finally added the ability to add columns to a document! Finally! Now, we just have to keep bugging them to add a text box function! Here is a screenshot to show where to find it in your Google Docs menu. Photo credit: Wanda Terral @wterral

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Coming Soon: 2016 BASD Fall Twitter Challenge - Happening this November - Stay tuned for Details

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Weekly Tech Integration Middle School Rotation

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