Air Pollution


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Effects on our HEALTH

Breathing polluted air can:

  • make breathing difficult
  • make eyes and nose burn
  • cause heart and respiratory diseases
  • cause cancer, birth defects, brain and nerve damage

Effects on our ENVIRONMENT

Acid rain and ground level ozone damages and harms:

  • Trees
  • Crops
  • Wildlife
  • Lakes
  • Fish and aquatic life

Effects on our ECONOMY

  • Lost days at work because of illnesses
  • Reduced agricultural crop and commercial forest yields by billions of dollars each year

5 ways YOU can help REDUCE air pollution !

  1. Plant deciduous trees around your home
  2. Choose products that have less packaging and are reusable
  3. Use public transportation, carpool, walk, or ride a bike when possible
  4. Lower the thermostat on your water heater to 120F
  5. Avoid waiting in long drive-thru lines, for example, at fast-food restaurants or banks. Park your car and go in
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