President Woodrow Wilson

NIcholas Jang

Captain Freedom- "Let's break the triple wall, layer by layer"

This name derives from Wilson's 1912 "New Freedom" campaign for President. As a Democrat, he initiated policies to combat the "triple wall of privilege", which were the tariffs, banks, and trusts. This slogan refers to his attack on tariffs, banks, and trusts as part of his progressive policy. He sought to lower tariff rates that hurt American businesses, decentralize the federal bank, and crush monopolies that dominated the economy.

Nemesis- Triple Terror

This name refers to the "triple wall of privilege", which consists of tariffs, banks, and trusts.

1. During his reign of terror, Triple Terror set high tariffs that hurt American businesses and the economy.

2. Also, he created banks that were inefficient and outdated, as revealed by the Panic of 1907.

3. Trusts created by Triple Terror caused monopolies to control the economy.

4. Triple Terror also terrorized small farmers through inflexible currency and loans that farmers could not afford.

5. Also, Triple Terror repelled each attempt for workers' rights by prohibiting strikes and boycotts.

Side Kick- Distrust

Captain Freedom's sidekick is Ida Tarbell. As one of the leading muckrakers of the day, Tarbell gained fame after publishing her book The History of the Standard Oil Company. She wrote in depth about John Rockefeller's ruthless business and warned about the dangers of trusts and monopolies. Like President Wilson, she "distrusted" the trusts and fought against monopolies. Her book influenced President Wilson's policies that sought to break up trusts.

Defeat of Triple Terror

Captain Freedom defeated Triple Terror through numerous measures. First, Captain Freedom starved Triple Terror's thirst for tariffs by reducing tariff rates through the Underwood Tariff Bill. Then, Captain Freedom weakened Triple Terror's presence on banking by creating the Federal Reserve Act, creating a system of regional banks. Also, it established the issuance of paper currency, which helped farmers who could not afford gold. Finally, Captain Freedom dethroned Triple Terror's monopolies by establishing the Federal Trade Commission, which monitored large companies, and passing the Clayton Act of 1914, which strengthened the Sherman Anti-Trust Legislation and legalized labor strikes and boycotts.