New Year, New Jewels, New Goals...

Hello 2014

Happy New Year, I hope you and your family had a fabulous holiday season! As much as I love the holidays, I have to admit I am ready to get back into a routine and kick off 2014. My routine will have to wait a few days as I am headed to Director's Retreat tomorrow and looking forward to finding out what is in store for Stella & Dot in the new year. I plan on spending some of my flying time putting together my goals for the year. Jessica did a great Life Coach call the other day with some great insight into goal setting and follow through, set aside 30 minutes to listen and put your goals together, I would love you to share yours with me so I can cheer you on to greatness in 2014!

Dot Dollar Redemption has started (your customers should have received their codes by now, why not go the extra mile and email/call them and ask if they need helping placing their orders or picking out the perfect piece- VIP service is what we pride ourselves on), the Digital Launch of the Spring Collection is this morning and you can find out in the lounge when you are able to place your orders. I am really going to make an effort this season and go by their recommended display, adding in any of my personal best sellers to round out my trays.

There are many opportunities in January...

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For your extra $50 in Style Rewards for a Qualified Show

For New extra $100 in product credits with their kits

For Stylists...Brighten Your Life Tour, a fabulous afternoon of training, style inspiration and of course swag to help you kick off 2014 with a bang! I am hosting this at my house on Sunday January 12th and would love our entire (local) team to be there! You can sign up via this link Have a friend/relative/hostess who you think would be an amazing stylist? Register them for the Meet Stella & Dot before the training starts, there is nothing like the excitement of a new line to light a fire under someone (all registered guests will get a Wisdom bracelet).


Here are some INCENTIVES for you to fill your January Calendar...

  • Anyone who Qualifies (sell $500) by January 10 (the last day of Dot Dollars) will receive a pack of new mini-lookbooks!
  • Sell $2308 in January and not only will you earn your extra 5% bonus, I will send you a pack of Spring Lookbooks!
  • Add a stylist to your team in January and I will send you one of our Spring Scarves to add to your collection!
  • Sign up for Brighten Your Life Tour and I will order you one of the new Stylist Planners!

Cheers to Amazing 2014!

I look forward to cheering you on as we grow our personal businesses, grow our teams and spread the Stella & Dot Style!


Always here to help you with your business

Barb Fogel, Star Stylist