Mammal VS Fish

Epic Battle Under the Sea

Who Will Win

Did you know that a killer whale is one of the most intelligent animals in the ocean? In the book Who Would win Killer Whale v.s Great white shark it says they're both popular because they are capable of doing amazing things. A Killer whale performs amazing tricks, and, we all know this, The great white shark is known for Jaws. If a Great white shark and a killer whale were to get into a fight, the killer whale would definitely win. A killer whale will definitely dominate the great white shark because they have bones and because it has amazing intelligence.


I believe,that the killer whale will win in a fight against a great white shark because it is far more intelligent. A killer whale is very intelligent because the killer whale brain is three times larger than a human. It also looks similar to a human brain. This reason can help a killer whale defeat the Great white and can plan strategies to ambush a shark. Also it can study the shark and aim for the sharks weak spot. It can also predict the shark’s plan of attack. This proves that killer whales are intelligent and that it could demolish the shark in this matchup.


Another reason why I believe the killer whale will over power the great white is because it’s stronger.A killer whale is far stronger because a killer whale has a skeleton made out of bones and a great white has cartilage and cartilage is weak so that means its weaker. This reason can help the killer whale because it has a stronger defense. Also it will dominate the shark because if the shark bites the killer whale it won't hurt it that much. Then when the killer whale attacks it does even more damage. The killer whales’ bones make it stronger in defense and attack, which proves that a killer whale will cream the “Great white Shark.”

Mammal wins

In Conclusion, if a Great white shark and killer whale meet in the same place and time and get into a fight. The killer whale will overpower, demolish, and dominate in this match up . I think the Killer whale will win because the whale is more intelligent.So it can plane straddles, predict the shark next move before he makes it. Also because it’s stronger because unlike a shark a killer whale has bones to make it strong then as the sharks have cartilage.
Orca's Attack Great White Shark - Neptune Islands, South Australia.