Niels Bohr

Founder of Quantum mechanics and the atom.

What year was he born and when did he die?

Niels was born in 1885 and died in 1962.

What was his childhood like?

Niels was born Oct. 7, 1885 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was home schooled until the age of seven. After home schooling, he went to Gammelholm Grammer school from elementary to high school. In 1912, Niels married Margrethe Norlund. Together they had six sons. Niels' life before becoming famous was sort of crazy. His father was a Physiology Professor who would later be nominated twice for a Nobel Prize. His mother was a dauhter of a wealthy Danish politician.

What was he famous for?

Niels was famous for Quantum mechanics and the atom.

Three interesting facts.

In collage he studied astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, and (Majored in) physics.

He was accepted to work in J. J. Thomson's Cavendish Laboratory.

In 1913, Niels had combined mathematics with his powerful physical intuition to find that electrons orbit the nucleus in defined paths.

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