Mrs. Burns' Kindergarten

Weekly Wrap-Up

Wondrous Walruses

We looked even closer at Arctic animals this week. We listened to the whistling and grunting of a Walrus and giggled at the silly sounds they make. We took a survey of who in our class can whistle like a Walrus. We also conducted a fun "blubber" experiment. We used vegetable shortening to create a blubber glove. The children all took turns putting their hands in ice cold water. It's amazing... you can actually feel how the blubber helps heat the animals and keep them warm!

Martin Luther King Jr.

Friday we learned about Martin Luther King Jr. in preparation for his birthday holiday on Monday. We read lots of biographies about his life and discussed how people don't always agree with each other, but it's important to solve problems peacefully. We talked about the changes that came about because of Dr. King and his dream. It is amazing the way young children can verbalize how his message touches them and how they're glad that he changed things so we can all go to school together and be friends.

Scooping up Sight Words

The children have been working hard to get their ice cream scoops!

I want to share a little about our "ice cream scoop" high-frequency word rings.

Here’s how it works…

Each child began the year with a ring of "red" word cards in their book bins. These are our first 10 high-frequency words or "sight words" we learn (I, like, the, and, see, we, a, to, come, me). Just a refresher: high-frequency words are words that appear most often during reading. These are words that your child will read by "sight"... not by phonetically sounding them out.

Any time we have an extra minute or if the children get done with an activity early, they can choose to pull out these cards and practice, practice, practice. Once they are confident that they know all of the words of that color, they can ask to be "challenged". If they successfully read them all, they add that color scoop to their ice cream cone and then receive their next 10 color cards. The color word sets are in rainbow order (red words, orange words, yellow, green, blue, purple).

The children are super excited to add a scoop to their cone and are so motivated! It is amazing to watch them CHOOSE to practice reading their words and then self-assess themselves. Please remember that all children learn at different paces, so while some Kindergarteners are working on their purple words, others are working hard on their red .