Compulsory School Attendence

Why school attendance should be voluntary

Why force kids to go to school?

We shouldn't force kids to go to school because for some kids it's boring, and if they don't want to pay attention then thats just a waste of time. Other students drop out for personal reasons, and they don't think it's reasonable to go back because if you miss a lot of days at school it will show up on records. Sometimes when attendance shows up on records they won't get into the college that they want even though they could make it in.

Guaranteed success - If chosen

If kids have voluntary school attendance it wont say on any records or status that you missed school a lot, or this person showed up this many days and knows more but this person showed up more days but isn't as smart so lets choose them, and you can get into colleges and have guaranteed success. Also why do you need to go to school if you already know what your learning. Isnt that just a waste of time? The colleges would base it off of what you know.



If we keep forcing these kids to go to school more kids aren't going to show up to school. But if we make it to where school is voluntary more kids might show up and the tardiness will disappear.