5th Grade LEAP

Every Wednesday!


The inspiration for this unit is for students to explore how their lives, and the lives of those around them, have been changed by innovation. In looking at innovation, students will discover how small changes can alter society. Students will research various innovations by looking at their development, what necessitated their creation, and how they connect to other aspects of life. Students will investigate societal changes and what life might be like had the innovations not existed. LEAP students will also attempt to predict possible future innovations and how the world might change as a result. In doing so, students will increase their capacity for creative thinking.

Surviving Antartica

During this unit we will be reading Surviving Antartica. This book is set in 2083 and in this time Reality TV is very important. This year they are having kids be the contestants on the show and sending them on an adventure to Antarctica to reach the South Pole. The five teens must struggle to survive the real conditions that killed the original team sent there in 1912. Will they survive? Time will only tell!

I will have discussion questions posted on Edmodo weekly.


We will be learning about different inventions and the innovators who changed them. We will also discuss the affect these innovations had on the world. I will post a flipped lesson on a different innovation weekly on edmodo.

There final projects for this unit will be to create and demonstrate an innovation in an industry or discipline. Then they will need to explain how innovation affects an industry or discipline through research.


During our STEMs time we will be recreating some of the greatest inventions! With this being Black History Month, we will start with African American inventors by research and recreating some of their work. By the end we will make Rube Goldberg machines! We will also do a couple of activities that will be about the Arctic cold since our book is based in Antarctica.