Media Mind Control

How social media sways public opinion

Media Control

The media is a huge factor in the society we live in today both in the United States and most of the technologically advanced world. The media enables a select few to spread their opinion about an event or action over the wide audience of the world. the medias opinion is often able to sway the publics opinion in favor of their cause due to the media's power to provoke emotions like sadness, for example in relation to a shooting, or any other dramatic event. The media can take an event with high dramatic effects like a shooting or bombing for example and use the weakened emotionally blinded audience that's grieving to raise awareness for a call to action over their cause. They have done it in the past with events such as the Sandy Hooks elementary school shooting to such an extent that many believe the shooting was a conspiracy to raise awareness for gun control using a grieving United States. The media is allowed to say whatever they want, and even if it's not true, America is lead to believe and support it. Due to the medias extreme power, most of the population have turned into pawns that can hardly formulate their own opinions. The media is overpowered and needs to be paid less attention to.

What is Dystopia?

Dystopian literature

A Dystopia is a creation of an utterly horrible or degraded society that is generally headed to an irreversible oblivion. Dystopias are so popular today because people enjoy reading about realities different from our own. People are intrigued to learn what it might be like to live in say an anarchy or Marshall Law society. Dystopia's give readers a sense of danger and action that they can pretend they're in for a short while. That sense is desired naturally by humans and since dystopias can give it, they are popular

Superbowl Commercial Analysis

Budweiser's ad "A Hero's Welcome"(2014), shows the appreciation that American soldiers deserve when they come home from tour after risking their lives for the well-being of our nation. Budweiser shows this appreciation by throwing a parade in favor of a certain solder who was on tour in 2014. Budweiser did this commercial to evoke the feeling of pride and nationalism in ones country in order to gain attention and then associate that feeling of nationalism towards Budweiser product. The target audience is American men and women who are over the legal drinking age of 21 and have a strong sense of pride for their country.

Social Media Takeover

In the video "Can we auto-correct humanity", Prince Ea's describes a meaningful representation of how the average human, mostly Americans, are addicted to technology and social media. Social media was in fact created to help people socialize with one another and potentially bring more people together more than real life interactions would be able to accomplish, but after people started realizing social media was what people were beginning to start judging you on, it became a whole new invention. People became addicted to the endless amounts of information you can access about your pears with just a glance at your phone and people understand that what they have on their social media accounts is also how they are judged in say school, so some people spend the majority of their time awake trying to build a more highly coveted account with the most amount of friends to seem more social and coveted in real life. To ensure this doesn't become a permanent reality in the future, we as Americans must overcome the addiction now, and spread the word that social media is not something cool to be on, but more of a waste of time. We must put endless announcements on television and social media apps advertising people interacting and doing real life stuff without the burden of a cell phone interrupting every moment. Although these measures may help, honestly the only way to really stop social media is to ban its use, because the addiction is to strong in most people to be "simply overcome". I don't believe that this is an addiction that can be controlled without say, professional help. I know many people, including my sister, that are addicted to their phones and even though they say that they can stop using their phone at any time they instead go into a relapse when the phone is removed from their environment. The social media addiction will continue to slowly take over the addicted population until social interactions are impossible for them and in the future, their offspring. Personally I believe social media can be controlled and used for the better, if the user has good self control and experiences it in low doses. It can be a good way to keep up with current and events and your surroundings, as long as one knows when to stop.

Smore Reflection

Looking back on my Smores from the course of the semester I believe my viewpoints have really changed and at this current point in time I believe they've changed for the better. Even though I still feel the same about social media and technology, which has been the majority of our semester and Smores, I do believe that I have learned a lot this semester though and will be taking all of this important knowledge to college. Some of the most important things I have learned this semester have been from our readings and discussions, my favorite being 1984 and how close our future is to it's reality. This class is much more different from other Language Arts classes I have taken in the past, because in this class we don't just monotonously read daily and test over what we've read, but instead we learn different things and have advanced discussions and fun activities on what we are learning. I truly enjoyed this class this semester and looked forward to it day after day, but if I could change one thing, it would be the summer reading assignment, just because it's so flawed. People almost never really read their summer reading assignment, because summer is the two months out of twelve that we get to spend away from school, and those who do well on the assessment most likely just read the key parts in a spark notes guide anyway. Like I said before, this class has been really joyful and the film and texts have always been interesting and intriguing, and the focus on social media has always been a great topic to discuss, so if I could change the title to my Smores , I would change it to Media Mind Control due to how much we've learned about it's addiction and influence over the masses.