Wellness Connections

Coalitions' Collaboration: Lopez, Orcas & San Juan Islands

Orcas Community Highlight:

The Coalition for Orcas Youth has been creating images of different community members answering the question, “What is one thing getting you through this time?” alongside a photo of themselves in their face mask. We have been posting them on Facebook and other social media outlets, and creating print materials with them.

This Campaign does four things in our community:

  1. It builds social CONNECTIONS.

  2. It provides resources for COPING.

  3. It sets a SOCIAL NORM around mask-wearing.

  4. It builds HOPE.

Let's Face It! Wear a Mask! Contest by Rock Solid Youth

Our local youth prevention team, Rock Solid, jumped in to help bring awareness for the need to wear a mask while in public by creating this contest. In collaboration with our San Juan County Coalitions: San Juan Island Prevention Coalition, Lopez Island Prevention Coalition and Coalition for Orcas Youth. We have been successful in promoting this contest on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Check it out and help enter those ages 5-21 from San Juan County!

Coping skills during these challenging times...

Limit your Exposure

It’s important to know what’s happening, especially as we’re being asked to stay home and limit our trips to the grocery store, bank, etc. But a few quick scans of the headlines and lead paragraphs or a once-a-day tune-in to your local news station can often tell you what you need to know. This coping tool can be more difficult for some than others. If you know that news exposure is a stressor for you, it’s especially important to consider cutting back.

Here are a few extra tips to help:

  • Pre-determine a defined amount of time to check-in with the news.
  • Set a certain time of day that's less likely to be upsetting or disruptive to your routine. For example, right before bed or the start of your day may not be as ideal.
  • Think about an activity you can practice after you're done watching or reading the news to help refocus on what brings you joy and peace.
  • Consider removing distractions such as news notifications from your phone so you're not tempted or disrupted.