Animal treatmeant


my option about treating animals

Animal are treated bad because some people are really bad.those animals are treated bad and they could die.some animal may not die at all.people want those animal just for money.those animal and what ever type do not need that kind of live.they need a better life

How those animal are treated in circuses

Some people want animal just for money .animal treatmeant in circuses are bad because they are really cruel to animals .some people are bad but maybe we don't now the people that hit animal whith a long stick.some animal could be ingire and some are not.there are bad trainer for animals.some animal could not be in life because they gived theme food but they dont gived theme food and respectful being bad people will not make you realy happy at all.


guarented and be relaking and fun

We want free animals to have a much better life theme before?we want wild animals to?

wild animals are nice.i want that people to saved animals for being nice.people we want you to saved animal and take theme some where much better life then they had there life before.animals in the wild are treated bad cause those animals need a life.animals abuse need some relaking and animals need to have allot of fun activity.