I'm Grateful for Animals

Animals are amazing


Animals are very helpful in twenty billion different ways. Some species are perfect for taking you places, some are for eating things you don't want eat. Some are just your friend when you need one, some are for eating.

Sea Creatures

I'm very grateful for fish. They are extremely amazing animals, they can be eaten, be a pet, and also help other animals have food. I'm grateful for whales, they are predator of fish, and whales give us oil. I'm not a big fan of seafood, but under the water is very beautiful. I'm am grateful for this beautiful underlife.

Land Creatures

I'm grateful for deer. They are very pretty and can be used as meat, for us, Lions, cheetahs, tigers, jaguars, and other predators. Sometimes I wish I could be a animal (cheetah, lion, dog , cat, etc.) and just fall into the moment. I mean wouldn't be cool to become a cheetah? Be the fastest animal ever, or even an ostrich!

My comfort Cat

I have two cats, one's a boy and one's a girl. my boy cat is named 'Socks' the reason is because he has white fur on his feet and it almost looks like they're socks. Socks is over 100 in cat years, and a little older than 12 years old, Older than me! I love him because whenever I'm sad or scared socks is always there for me. Sometimes he just comes and lays on me and purrs. I think it is soothing when your upset or in a bad mood. I'm grateful for my cats extremely, They are such calm, crazy and sneaky animals.


I've only had a Dog one, but then it ate all our chickens....Dogs are my favorite animals. Yet I've only had one dog named 'scribbles' that we got for free at a yard sale. Over the weeks I loved Scribbles and He loved me. One day he got out of the goat pen (which was where we kept him at the time) and found the chickens, dug under and had some fun(bite, drop, bite drop,etc.) Within the next week or so He was gone. Throughout this experience I learned how much you appreciate dogs. They are kind, loving, and when you lose them they take away a chunk of your heart. Over the years I learned to love the dogs I see and meet in life so I can Enjoy the moment. I am Gratefull for Any type of dog.(not real photo but similar)