Eating Disorder

Geordan Tassios


Skipping meals

Excersising excesively after eating

Throwing up/vomitting

Self esteem focuses on body image.

Abnormally overweight or skinny

Sepreation from friends


Dramatic weight loss thinking ou are always over weight. Streching the limits for losing weight because of the mental ilness. People don't realize how hard it is for the people that never experiensed it. It is more mentally than externally. It also consists of skipping meals and exclusion of family of friends thinking you are not physically good for them.
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This mental ilness that consists of people eating large amounts of food without realising it or getting full then after the large quantity they worry and stress on losing weight by excersing to an extreme limit, vomitting is the most common way people with bulimia lose the weight they gained because they think it is the fastest method and most efficient without realising the vomitting is extremely bad for them.
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Binge Eating Disorder

This type of eating disorder is were people have short episodes for eating. They eat uncontrolably with noticing how much food they are eating. They it so fast also compared to other people without the mental illness they eat abnormally fast and gain weight extremely fast.
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