Weekly Happenings

Week of 2/5/18

Kindergarten learning about inclined planes

Kindergarten has been learning about inclined planes and how we use them. They created their own inclined planes individually and collaborated to use one that we have on our playground.

Polar Walk 2018

Just a reminder that the Polar Walk is this upcoming Wednesday! There will be walking school buses meeting at:

-F St. by the water tower/playground at 7:45 am

-Mtn. View by the big pullout where they have been moving dirt at 7:45 am

-Eggan Youth Center at 7:50 am

We encourage students, families and friends to join!

5th Grade Plant and Animal Cells

The 5th grade class studied the different parts and functions of plant and animal cells. The class was asked to create a cell model that would represent each part and then be able to explain each function.

5th Grade Colony models

The 5th grade class has been studying the 13 Colonies in social studies. They were asked to create a model, slideshow, or a written presentation on one of the colonies and present it to the class.

New MCS Swag

If you are interested in purchasing a new MCS t-shirt and/or sweatshirt, please fill out the order form and return it to the front desk, with payment, by Friday, February 23rd.

Please make checks payable to MCS PAT.

Jump Rope for Heart

Just a reminder that Jump Rope for Heart ends on Wednesday. Our goal was originally $3,000 and we have already raised $3,165! For more information visit http://www2.heart.org/site/TR?fr_id=3195&pg=company&company_id=89201&s_hasSecureSession=true

Intent to Return Forms

We will be sending out a link this week for 'Intent to Return Forms' for the 2018-2019 school year.