News From Room 121

Week of January 4th

Math News

In math, the children have been working hard at mastering addition and subtraction strategies to help with the mastery of basic addition and subtraction facts. This week they explored utilizing a double ten frame to make a 10 and then add on to the ten. They are also being introduced to related addition and subtraction facts. Please continue to practice addition facts at home.

Fundations News

In Fundations, the children have been learning about suffix plural s and suffix s that means an action. They have been doing a great job at decoding words and marking up their words. The children have been learning more trick words that will help them write questions. This week they have learned: here, there, where, when, what and who. Please practice writing these words and memorizing the spelling of the words.

Reading News

The children have been working diligently at being experts at reading nonfiction text. This week the focus was Stop and Think and using the retell rope to recall information from their text. We have sent home these strategies. Please try utilizing them while your child reads.

Writing News

The children are writing how to books. One project that has been sent home for you to complete. Please help your child complete their recipe writing by Monday. We look forward to reading each one.

Science News

We have started our light unit. This week's focus has been on natural vs. artificial light. The children have completed a class sort of artificial vs. natural light. They are also learning how to identify light sources. They are also identifying the reasons why we use various types of light.

Housekeeping News

Happy New Year!!!!

The weather is getting colder. If the weather is appropriate and the wind chill does not drop the temperature too low, the children will have outside recess. Please send in appropriate outwear and accessories.

When sending in lunch money or a note, please make sure to include your child's name on it.

Ask your child if they need glue sticks. Many children have run out of glue.