John Brown Raids Harper's Ferry

October 17, 1859

Attempted Slave Revolt

Abolitionist John Brown organized a slave revolt in Harper's Ferry Virginia. Seizing a United States Arsenal boat, he hoped to arm the slaves involved and capture many prominent citizens. It was intended to be the first of many attacks on the town to establish a safe haven for freed slaves. However, the revolt was mostly unsuccessful, and Brown was captured and hanged by local white Southerners for treason.

Rebellion Intensifies the Regions

The white Southerners have become paranoid with the prospect of slave uprisings, strengthening their need for harsher slave codes. it also reinforced their belief that the slaves should stay slaves because of their rashness and unlawfulness. However, slave uprising gave great motivation to the abolitionist voices. This meant that both sides are equally passionate about their own needs as slavery is still the main topic of discussion. These rebellions are the seeds of the Civil War, as they rally the people that are directly involved in stopping the spread of slavery.