2nd Grade Class News

Mrs. Gaudette, Miss Holden, Mrs. Karstaedt, Mrs. Mitchell

Week of January 21 & 22nd

Reader's Workshop

Review of Current Concepts

Students will be reminded this weeks of some of the current concepts we have learned recently. One of these skills will be learning how to recognize who is speaking within our books even when there is no dialogue tag. Lastly, students will have a reading log check-up in which we are reminded of our importance of log ALL books they read.


While students continue in Unit 10 as they continue to learn about double vowel teams such as ai and ay. In this short week they will learn about homophones with examples such as main and mane. Lastly, students will practice marking up words with double vowels in them.

Writer's Workshop

Creating a "Mood" and Repetition

This week students will focus on creating "mood" to their poems as well as giving their poems repetition. One poem we will use for an example is listed below. This poem is a good example of "mood" and how our poems can be up-beat and cheerful, while they all may still vary in this way. The poem below was written by a friend who was angry when his friend had to move away and it is a good example of how poetry can be more melancholy.


How dare he!

Move away?

The nerve.

I could slam the door in his face.

Science & Social Studies

As students continue to learn about and track weather patterns, we will begin to focus on different types of weather. The first type will be a tornado as we learn how they form and what the characteristics are of this powerful storm.


Counting coins up to $1.00

In math, students will review what we learned several weeks ago with adding coins by skip-counting by fives and tens. This will eventually develop into learning how to coin different coins to add up to a dollar or less.

Specials Schedule


Thursday: Media

Friday: Art


Thursday: Music

Friday: PE


Thursday: Computer

Friday: Music


Thursday: PE

Friday: Media

Mark Your Calendars!

Monday, January 18th

No School - MLK Jr. day

Tuesday, January 19th & Wednesday, January 20th

No School - Teacher Workday

Friday, February 5th

International Night