Patricia García


It´s the capital of Norway. This is in the north of Europe, near Sweden and Findland. Oslo is a big city and has about 600.000 inhabitants.

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Weather and Climate

Oslo is in the norther latitude, so daylight varies greatly. It´s has warm summers with high temperature above 20ºC on average, but in winters, temperatures drop below -10ºC.

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In Spring


Oslo is an old city. It was founded around 1.048 b.C. It has lots of monuments and things to see. Oslo is famous for its education and tourism. In Oslo you can see the fjords, some museums, the Royal Palace, lakes, etc.

Leisure and Entertainment

There are lots of things to do in Oslo. You can go sightseeing, visit the Munch Museum, the Viking Ship Museum, Ullevaal Stadion and more things...

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The Munch Museum


The main industry is tourism. Tourists love all the museums, the fjords, the parks... They buy crafts and souvenirs.

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Park of Oslo

Personal Opinion and Recomendation

Oslo is my favourite city. I think it´s a fantastic and a wonderful place. Come visit us!