Poe's New Poem, "The Raven"

By: Edgar Allan Poe and Paige Patterson

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My Early Life

I was born on January 19th, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. I never really knew my parents because they'd died by the time I was three. I was then separated from my brother and sister and sent to Richmond, Virginia to live with John Allan and his wife. I went to the University of Virginia in 1826, but had to leave after less than a year because of my debt. When I returned home I found my fiancee Elmira Royster engaged to another man. At that point I set goals for myself to find adventure and become a great poet; which led me to both publishing my first book and joining the Army. I wished to go to the United States Military Academy at West Point and was accepted in 1830. Unfortunately, I was kicked out after eight short months. That was when I left for Baltimore to live with my aunt Maria Clemm and my cousin Virginia Clemm. I stayed with them from 1831-1835, after which I returned to Richmond. I took Virginia with me and we got married in 1836. In Richmond, my writing career really began.

Me As A Writer

Back in Richmond I wrote for a magazine called the Southern Literacy Messenger for two years. I lived in New York and Philadelphia for a while, working at a couple different magazines; I even wrote my first book of short stories. Over the years, I have written fiction and poetry, and have gained experience as a writer, critic, and editor. Today, I am living in New York; it is 1845, and I'm proud to announce my new poem that will soon be released, "The Raven".
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Read My New Poem, "The Raven"

The Poetry Foundation calls it "Ominous," and says, "Poe investigates the loss of ideal beauty and the difficulty in regaining it".

Biography.com says, "One of the best of Poe's career".

"The Raven" to be published in the "New York Evening Mirror"

Wednesday, Jan. 29th 1845 at 7am

New York

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