So many of us approach Social Media and Facebook unsure of what exactly we are supposed to do, unsure of what we are supposed to say and because of this we end up not posting a single thing and become fearful.

This tip today is to help you all find your purpose on Social Media as once you find this, trust me when i say, that you will actually start to love it and how fulfilled it can make you feel, when you're doing it right and being you.

So let's break it down a little, here are 4 Laws to follow to help find your purpose:

1. The Law of Likability
We want to use Social media to help us become more likeable. As we all know, including yourself - people will generally only do business with people they like! That is why it is so important to be authentically you. That is why it is important to not just copy and paste (it's not you), plus over time it will start to make you feel fake.

2. The Law of Credibility
We want to leverage of Social media to help us become more credible. As we explained in previous tips. When your posts have more "likes" "comments" and "shares" this starts to show you as a credible person. Ie someone to follow. We want to become and influencer.

3. The Law of Recall-ability
We want to leverage of Social media to help us become more recall-able. It is the best tool for keeping in touch. I also want you to think about this, when your posting every day, your profile will be popping up all over the place on your networks timelines and your keeping your name in peoples minds as they are scrolling. If you are posting every other day or perhaps once a week, you cannot leverage off recall-ability (much like the penny that doubles analogy).

4. The Law of Profitability
This is where the magic happens, and remember something that will not happen over night. When you are in plenty of conversations, asking lots of questions, you are going to start to see opportunities arise, you are going to start to see how your product can help here or there, or how your income opportunity can help here or there. The transition from comments, to a private message, to facetime, to a phonecall will start to occur.


Embrace being terrible - Embrace posting bad content, everyone does. Stop trying to be perfect, it's impossible.

If you're only posting once a week, no worries but build up to posting every single day to enable you to leverage off the above Laws.

Looking for content to post? Thats why plugging into trainings, reading personal development books, listening to audios are so so important - THAT IS WHERE YOU FIND YOUR CONTENT :)

Create a folder in the notes section of your phone and title it something like "FACEBOOK", then put it in your notes section, everything you hear and most importantly when it comes time to use and post, make it your own or give credit in your post to whomever you heard it from...don't plagiarise (thats not you and thats inauthentic).


Please be real on social media....don't spam!

How do you feel when somebody knocks on your door in the middle of dinner to sell you something, are you excited, or annoyed?

How do you feel when a telemarketer calls you on your phone to try to sell you something, are you excited, or annoyed?

How do you feel when your watching your favourite tv program and it breaks for a commercial, are you jumping up and down in your seat, saying YEEEES! I have been waiting to watch that ad, or are you annoyed?

Well, NEWS FLASH! - That is exactly how people may feel about you when they go on social media. They are not going on there to be sold by you, they are not going on there to be spammed by you. The best commercials, the best ads, the best marketers are not pitching, they are providing value, they are giving, they are telling a story.

Be authentic, be vulnerable, be you!

"People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care" - John Maxwell

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We know this is a big topic these days, but you know we like to keep things as SIMPLE, EASY & FUN for you, so here are a few ideas to keep in mind, whether your new or seasoned consultant:

In the business of relationships, marketing yourself is often more important than marketing the product or the income opportunity.

So here are some things to consider when marketing yourself:

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google just to name a few are generally the first points of call for people who are considering investing in a relationship with you. The internet is how people find out who you are, and what you are about. This is crucial as you only get one shot at a first impression, and your web presence is often that one chance. Remember to maintain professionalism and only upload things you are comfortable with people seeing.

Make sure your content represents who you are as a person, your values and what is important to you. The content you create provides you with the online presence for your audience to engage with, so make sure you are sticking to content that is unique to you, and engaging for the audience you want to attract.

The way you present yourself speaks volumes to others. Nothing is more important than exhibiting kindness to those around you, and kindness should be at the forefront of every interaction you have. If you are genuinely kind to others, others will be genuinely kind to you.

People love to buy, but they hate to be sold to. We know how amazing our Arbonne products and our income opportunity is, we just need to share them with the world in a way that people are comfortable and used to. Don’t be that spammer online who’s only voice is “join me” or “pm me for details”. Instead engage in conversations, interact and find out what area of their life people may be able to adopt Arbonne products or benefit from the income opportunity and help guide them to a making a decision in a private conversation. There is no need to be anything other than totally honest and genuine when sharing Arbonne products or the opportunity, we are fully transparent company and people will only want to associate, purchase or do business with people they know, like and trust.

We’ve said before and we’ll say it again. SHARE SHARE SHARE! Start by building quality relationships with your existing network, and then expand to those outside of your network. Go to new places, meet new people and always have your Arbonne samples and smile, always be approachable and most importantly, just be you - you never know where you’ll meet your next NVP!

Adopting these few simple rules will make a huge difference to the overall perception of your products and/or business. So try it, and always remember to represent yourself in a way that draws people in, attracts, and helps you build strong, lasting relationships.

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Your goal is engagement, your aim is connecting, It is not about how many friends you have on Facebook - so let's stop this conversation you are having in your head that is saying "I need to have 5000 friends in order to make it".

It is actually more about how many friends (outside of Arbonne) that you are connecting and engaging in conversations with each and every week that are going to help grow your business using these tools, not your ego!

Remember Facebook is a behavioural and interest based website platform - which means that every single thing you do, like, comment on (e.g you like a picture of dogs, beaches, hotels, planes etc - Facebook, linked with advertising "how Facebook make money", will start putting more pictures of dogs, beaches, hotels, planes etc in your timeline) - if you like it, Facebook and advertisers will fill your feed with more of it.

Let's look at another example:
Imagine you just attended an Arbonne event, you take plenty of pictures of your friends at the event. You then come home, and start to like and comment on all of your friends posts who attended the event. What have you guided Facebook to do? You have guided facebook to fill your timeline with more pictures of the event and of your friends posts (people already in Arbonne) - it feels good, but will not help grow your business or your engagement with people that have not yet joined Arbonne. And most importantly, the only thing you will continue to see in your timeline is posts and pictures from people already in Arbonne.


So the goal of this top tip is:

- To remove or at the very least unfollow friends, you are not interacting with and engaging in conversations regularly (500 friends you are chatting to regularly is much more powerful than 5000 you are not).

REMEMBER: On your Teams Facebook groups, or any group on facebook, you can still engage with people in these groups - even if you are not friends with them.

REALITY CHECK: take a moment to scroll through your timeline and take a look at any Arbonne related "event" post you have many likes and comments on that post are from Arbonne consultants...i bet you will find that most if not all of them are.

Yes, this is going to be a hard pill to swallow for some...but lets start using Facebook and our friends list to engage with people who are not yet in is this engagement and these conversations that are then taken off your timeline and into a private chat that will lead to their becoming a product user or joining your business!

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Ok team, this is a pretty big one and again very easy to understand how Facebook really works and what i can assure you most are not doing right!

So here is what you do!

Before you make any social media post, whether it be on Facebook or Instagram, make sure you spend 10 minutes "warming up the platform" what do i mean by this?

I mean, spend 10 minutes going through your timeline or feed, loving, laughing and most importantly "commenting" on your friends posts (TOP TIP: preferably those not already in Arbonne).

When you do do this, you are letting Facebook know you're there and also bringing your name to the top of your friends feeds and in their vision of sight.

Once you have done this, then make your post!

For the 10 minutes after you have made your post, interact with those who have commented, do not leave one comment un loved by commenting back and watch the engagement grow...Facebook will recognise this then as early engagement when comments your replying back is crucial To keep it in your networks feeds!

This includes in your groups, events, any facebook lives you have made also - don't just make a post or do a FB live and forget about it - Engage!

Remember everyone, Facebook and instagram love engaged conversations and will give preferential treatment to them.

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Are you one of those people who scrolls through your facebook timeline, simply liking "" people's posts and thinking that you are contributing?

Let's all start to understand a little more about how the Facebook algorithm works. Facebook REWARD only those who are engaging with their friends and connections. So how can you do this....

LOSE THE LIKE BUTTON and instead choose to only use the other emoticons on offer (pictured below), it will take a half second more...this includes "FB LIVES TOO" & COMMENT on absolutely everything, why, because you want to get your name out there and you want to be seen. You cannot be seen on Facebook if you are simply, liking and loving things (people won't know who you are).

Comments and engaging with your friends ALL THE TIME are what Facebook reward their users for!

Comment on:
- Your friends posts, that you love! (Not always Arbonne consultants remember)
- Comments made on your posts, keep the conversation going!
- FB lives, let people know your there - don't just and comment!

When we say reward, we mean that when you give to Facebook in the way i explained above, they will keep your posts (when you post) in other peoples timelines longer for more people to engage with you and yours.

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Times have a changed...people now pay more attention to the number of "likes" "comments" and "shares" than the actual post itself - have you noticed yourself doing the same?

Ok, so if people will be more motivated to engage with your post, FB live, video etc whether it is on a team (secret or closed) group or your personal timeline, here is a clever method to grab peoples attention and to motivate them to engage more with you!

Lets us look at this example:
Imagine 5 people have commented on your post. Instead of just leaving that post, you instead reply to each one of those 5 comments - now there are 10 comments on your post - lets say they then reply to each of your comments - now there is 15 comments. What do you think people see more credibility with? 5 comments or 15 comments? 15 comments of course....but how does Facebook interpret this (remember it is simply a computer) - WOW....this is really great content, it's creating community, engagement and conversation, so let's keep this post at the top of everyone's feed - MAKE SENSE?

Friends Engagement - 4 Step Rule
(in order of Facebooks favourability)
1st - Comments
2nd - Emojis (remember no more likes please)
3rd - Replies (to all comments)
4th - Messenger (take conversation into a private)

The above is Facebooks favouritism Facebook will reward you and your posts more when you Comment, then use emojis, then reply, then use that order!

Conversations lead to commissions, yet there are too many people out there who are trying to get a commission (ie a sale) before they are having a conversation....remember this very cool rule

"You need permission to get a commission"

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Are you one of those beautiful, thoughtful and caring people who makes a point of wishing those Facebook friends a happy birthday, each time that Facebook remind you?

If you want to create a greater connection, a point of difference that separates you from their other friends, to make sure your message does not get swallowed up in the 400 or so other messages they receive that same day?

Here is your TOP TIP for today:

- Download the app “dubsmash” (
- Record your own birthday message video unique and personal to them.
- Send this in a private message, not posted on their timeline.
- Send the day after their birthday...saying something along the lines of “sorry I missed your birthday, I hope this video will make up for it....” so it stands out, and is remembered.

If you take the time to do this, you will be adding so much more value, re-creating a lost connection, adding fun and energy to their day and most importantly “start a conversation...that could lead to something.”

E.g. a birthday message to a friend I know who loves this type of music, who I have not spoken to for a year! lol

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