Donatello was born in Florence Italy. During Donatello's life time the most artwork was ever created in Florence. He was apprenticed to Ghiberti and in 1403, at age 17 Donatello was already working on a master bronze project.

Donatello's Artwork

Sculptures of Marble David built in 1408 and reworked in 1416 now is in Bordello Florence. St. Mark. Donatello took a more humanistic approach to the inspiration for his artwork. Highly gifted with the talent of sculpting, Donatello was one of the most honored artist during renascence time. Donatello relied the inner life of his heroic subjects, memorial images with have conditioned our very conception of the 15th century. Donatello's Patrons were the up and coming artist of the later era.


Exterior Pulpit was created in 1433 and was completed in 1438. This piece today can be found in Duomo di Prato. This piece is significant because the style of sculpting is still used in today society and was copied thought out all of history. The marble created a easier surface to work from and the bronze was so great and rich in color that it looked as if their was a paint put on the marble artwork. This artwork was very significant because the humanistic aspect makes the piece important because the people were not about the faith of the church. The people were the main focus, which shows that if this style of art became popular then people become more of the idea that people are at the center of the universe. This piece is most interesting to me because no one had really put humanistic artwork on building before and this idea spread across Italy. The way Donatello worked was not only rebellious but smart because he knew with his gift of humanistic artwork if his art was on buildings the people would have to see the art every day. A picture or replica of this piece could be in study of art or design. This piece really showed that Italy was rapidly increasing during this time because the art was becoming more advanced but so were the building structure.

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