SAMR Model in Detail

Integrating Technology Through with SAMR Model

As a district, we have adopted the SAMR Model for Technology Integration as our guide for developing lessons that help students deepen their understanding and expression of the content they are learning.

The purpose of the SAMR Model is to assist instructors in determining the level of technology integration in the learning environment. The instructor must first decide to incorporate technology into the planned curriculum, and then determine if the technology is enhancing or transforming the learning. The goal is to introduce technology tools that redefine the learning space, which is ultimately accomplished by replacing traditional teaching methods with alternate learning environments.

This SMORE will provide you with guiding resources and multiple examples for utilizing the SAMR model and boosting your technology integration to foster student development.

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SAMR Model explained by the creator Ruben Puentadura

How to Apply the SAMR Model with Ruben Puentedura

SAMR Model explained in 120 seconds

SAMR in 120 Seconds

Articles that provide examples of SAMR use

APP WHEEL: Providing ideas of apps at each SAMR level

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