Gerund Phrases

Justen Brock

What is a Gerund?

a form that is derived from a verb but that functions as a noun, in English ending in an ing

Examples : The man enjoyed reading.

The gerund would be reading

The boy hated running.

The gerund would be running

Gerund Phrase

A gerund phrase will begin with a gerund an and will include other modifiers

Examples : The boy loved playing soccer

The gerund phrase would be playing soccer

The old man loved walking outside

The gerund phrase would be walking outside

How to use Gerund Phrases

A Gerund Phrase will always function as a noun.

The man was running

This is not a gerund phrase. it does end with an ing word but the word running is used as a verb not a noun. You can tell because the word was is used making this a participle phrase instead of a gerund phrase.

The man liked running

This is a gerund phrase because the word running is used as a noun. The word liked causes running to function as a noun. Verbs ending with an ed modify verbs with an ing to be used as a noun.