Save Water

How To Save Water

Research Questions

: How can we save water

: What causes water to be wasted

: How can we stop wasting water

: Do people die of not having enough water to survive

: How many gallons of water are wasted every year

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Summary Of Research

Wasting water is bad because more and animals and humans die every year of thirst. By starting my paragraph off I am going to give some ways on how to save water like running water while brushing your teeth. I think you should turn it off; also if you are waiting for the water to turn hot or cold you should stick a pitcher under there and use it to water your flowers or, put it in your dogs water bowl. Now these are how many people die a year of thirst; as Professor Donal O’Donoghue once said ¨we know over 1,000 people die a year of thirst.¨ what he is trying to say is look at how many people suffer from wasting water or not having enough water to drink. This guy is proving my point and I think you should listen to him.

Here are some websites I want to share with you and here they are and these are problably the best websites you could find on how to save water but yet how to use water to save earth and animals and etc.