WMS Friday Forecast

March 11, 2022

WMS Quick Links for Families

Our most often requested information is all linked in this document for your convenience! We add information and update this document regularly!

Dear Parents and Guardians:

We have just finished our 3rd quarter today and head into the final stretch for this school year. Grades for the 3rd quarter will be posted to HAC next Friday, March 18th. These two weeks before Spring Break can be challenging for students. The weather is still not great, we need a break soon, and everyone is tired! I would encourage you to talk to your RedHawk about your expectations for these next two weeks so that they stay focused on learning.

When we partner with our parents on the challenges of school, our students tend to do much better! And we greatly appreciate the partnership we have with you and appreciate all your support.

Enjoy your weekend!


Equity Audit Parent Focus Groups

Parent focus groups will be held across D303 during the month of April as a part of the district’s equity audit. This will give families an opportunity to share their thoughts on our strengths, areas of need, and long-term opportunities for providing the best educational experience for all students.

These virtual focus groups will be one hour in length via Zoom and led by D303’s partners in the equity audit process, the Consortium for Educational Change (CEC). Wredling Administrators received a document listing our WMS families in random order. We will be calling parents the week of March 21st to see if they would like to be a part of a focus group. Every school’s goal is to have 15 families agree to participate. We welcome your feedback even if you are not part of a focus group. A way to provide this feedback will be posted on the District website the week of April 4th and will be linked in an upcoming Friday Forecast newsletter.

If you have any questions regarding the focus group process, please contact our Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Dr. Tracy Taylor, at tracy.taylor@d303.org.

Good Afternoon Wredling Parents/Guardians!

This is just a reminder that ALL Wredling students will be taking the Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR) on the following dates: April 12 - 14th. We will be taking IAR during two chunks of our day; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Our building will be running an adapted schedule on those days. Please see the letter below from Mr. Dave Chiszar, the D303 Director of Assessment and Accountability.

IAR Letter from the Director of Assessment and Accountability

Please make sure your child is well rested, has a good breakfast, and is on time to school on these dates. This will help set them up for success as they take these tests. They will also need to bring the following items to school with them for each day of testing:

  • Chromebook FULLY charged and ready to go

  • Earbuds - (check to ensure they are working, please)

  • Book to read (Hard Copy)

  • Writing Utensil

Note: If you have questions regarding IAR testing, please feel free to contact David Chiszar, Director of Assessment & Accountability, at (331) 228-4911 or your child’s grade level counselor. Please click here to access the Wredling Middle School counselor contact information.

Thank you for your assistance as we prepare for these assessments.

Mrs. Francesca Favero

Assistant Principal

Wredling Middle School

RedHawk Pride Awards

Congratulations to our RedHawk Pride recipients for this week. Know that we appreciate your effort, how you treat others, and how you follow our Guidelines for Success!

  • Jordan Bentham from Mr. Scurte
  • Haley Nyberg from Mrs. Duck
  • Seamus King from Mr. Wilkerson
  • Gabby French from Mr. Gabel
  • Jack Cox from Mrs. Breon
  • Jasmine Naw from Mrs. Olson
  • Grayson Lemp from Mr. Williams
  • Sophia Gonzalez from Ms. Boehm
  • Emilio Gomez from Mr. Celaya
  • Aileni Robles from Team 8-4
  • Alex Asimor from Ms. McCall
  • Samahi Shah from Mrs. Goetschel
  • Joe Edgar fro Mr. Kohler
  • Lorelai Olson from Team 7-4
  • Dylan McCabe from Team 7-4
  • Parker Hanc from Team 7-4
  • Olivia Slater from Team 7-4
  • Isiah Hill from Ms. Harper
  • Julian Aguirre from Mrs. Gerety
  • Julian Flores from Mrs. Salmon
  • Max Sansone from the Infinity Team
  • Brian Rotella from the Infinity Team
  • Madelyn Walker from the Infinity Team
  • Summer Seebacher from Mrs. Amadei & Mrs. Bennett
  • Stephen Harrill from Mrs. Martinez
  • Jack Van Laningham from Mr. McPeak
  • Gina Torelli from Mrs. Bennett
  • Tay Lovesey from Mrs. Sienko
  • Aaliyah Steele from Team 6-3
  • Mallory Glore from Team 6-3
  • Audrey Falco from Team 6-3
  • Averie Rygula from Team 6-3
  • Shalin Patel from Team 6-3
  • Laine Griswold from Mrs. Rath
  • Harper Charlson from Ms. Ryan
  • Arjav Patel from Mrs. Stocker
  • Colten Pariso from Mrs. Franklin
  • Gabriella Schmitt from Ms. Guseman
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In these past two weeks we have been able to offer opportunities for our current 6th and 7th grade students to participate in an A.V.I.D. information session led by our current A.V.I.D. 8th graders. While all of our students were invited to attend, others were personally nominated by their teams.

What is A.V.I.D.? A.V.I.D. stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and represents a shift in students’ academic ownership. A major focus of the program is identifying students who want to take charge of their academic future and develop skills necessary for academic and personal success in school post-secondary opportunities. Here in District 303, we are able to design A.V.I.D. as an opportunity to enrich a student's academic experience beyond the classroom.

Want to learn more? Is your student interested? What are our next steps? Click here to find out.

Dear Parents and Guardians

1) NO outside drinks (Starbucks, Dunkin’, etc..) will be allowed in the AM. Students will be directed to finish them before entering the building.

2) Parents are welcome to drop off lunch but only for their own child - not a group

3) We DO NOT accept or sign for delivered lunches for students - please do not order food deliveries


2nd SEMESTER Non-Attendance Days for Students

  • Monday, March 28 - Friday, April 1 - Spring Break
  • Friday, April 15th - School Improvement Planning

2nd SEMESTER Early Release Days for Middle School

  • Wednesday, March 23rd
  • Wednesday, April 27th
2022 Superintendent Search

Please click here for more information about the search for a new Superintendent.

A Reminder from the School Nurse

State legislation requires that all Illinois children in Sixth Grade will have a dental examination. A licensed dentist must perform the examination, and he or she shall sign the form. Dental offices should have the form available, but it is also available online at www.d303.org under Departments, then Health Services, then “Health Documents and Forms”. Each 6th grade student must present proof of a dental examination by a dentist prior to May 15, 2022. The exam must be dated within 18 months prior to May 15, 2022. If your child has had an exam already, you can ask your dentist to complete the form for the exam.

The Illinois Department of Public Health has established a waiver for children who show undue burden or lack of access to a dentist. Parents or legal guardians who object to the dental examinations on religious grounds shall present to the school a signed, detailed statement of the objection.

The deadline is quickly approaching! Please submit this if you have not already done so. If you have any questions, please contact the WMS nurses at 331-228-3704.

Illinois Youth Survey for 8th Grade Students

Schools throughout the state of Illinois will have the opportunity to conduct the Illinois Youth Survey (IYS) with students in 8th, 10th, and 12th grades. Wredling 8th graders will be taking the survey in the week of March 21st.

WHAT IS THE ILLINOIS YOUTH SURVEY? The purpose of the IYS is to better understand youth attitudes and behaviors that can impact student problems and academic success. It asks about topics like nutrition, physical activity, bullying, school climate, and alcohol and other drug use. Students will be asked to complete an anonymous survey (with no names or identification numbers). The survey is completely voluntary and privacy will be strictly protected.

WHAT IS THE SURVEY DATA USED FOR? The IYS will provide our school's combined student results providing data to assess needs, track progress toward physical, social, and mental health goals, and evaluate student support services.

If you have questions regarding the survey, wish to see a sample of the survey, or want your child to opt-out of the survey, please see this document or email Mr. Jacques Slaiher, Wredling's Student Assistance Counselor. A copy of the survey will also be available for viewing in the main office along with opt-out forms.

For more information, please visit the Illinois Youth Survey website at http://iys.cprd.illinois.edu.

Interested in being a North Star Cheerleader?

St Charles North will be hosting tryouts for Fall Season in April. Please attend the mandatory pre-tryout meeting on Monday, March 21st at SCN in Room 302 (athlete and one parent must attend). Fill out the google form to get tryout information! We look forward to seeing you soon! Tryouts are open to all female and male athletes entering grades 9-12 for the 2022-23 school year. Any questions please email Coach Adrianne at Adrianne.Noworul@D303.org


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Volunteers Needed To Share Career and Education/Training Experiences

For each of our 7th and 8th grade AVID classes, College and Careers plays an integral role in the classroom experience. On Friday's, we are looking for volunteers to share their career and experiences via zoom (or in person) during either 2nd, 7th or 8th period each week. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in sharing your career with our students. We will be sending a confirmation email to you once we have solidified your date and time. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and time with our students and staff.

***Visitors choosing to come into the building must adhere to current D303 visitor protocols. As of 10/1/21 - all visitors must:
- Show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test received within 72 hours of arriving to volunteer at your building.

- Bring documentation to the front office of your building upon arrival. If you would like to present to our students, please complete this Google form.

Important Safety Reminder for WMS Parents

When it comes to issues that concern students and/or school safety: “If you see something, say something - immediately”. On a school day during staffed hours (7:30-4:00), the student, parent, or community member should call the school and/or seek an administrator ASAP for prompt action. If this information emerges outside of the school day, please call 911 immediately. The safety and wellbeing of our Wredling family are always our top priority!
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Support for Your Child if they are Quarantined:

If your child is quarantined due to Covid, our teachers will send work to your child and work with you and your child as we always have when a child is out of school. We want to recognize that quarantine offers some unique challenges for our students.

We will be offering instructional support through a certified teacher during quarantine. Ann Rose, a recently retired D303 teacher, will be available to support our quarantine students through Zoom. When a child begins quarantine, we will email both the child and the parent with information on how to access Mrs. Rose's Zoom for support. We encourage our quarantined students to access this instructional support!

E-Learning Plan and Emergency Days

The School Board has approved an E-Learning plan that gives the district the option to offer remote learning in place of emergency days. Currently, our last day of school is Tuesday, May 24, which is the week before Memorial Day. As we move into the winter months, we want to update you on the plan for how the district will manage emergency days and e-learning days.

  • If we experience inclement weather, the first three days will be “snow days” that will be made up at the end of the school year on May 25, 26, and 27 as needed.

  • Subsequent emergency days will be remote days so the last attendance day will still be before Memorial Day.

  • If there is a long stretch of inclement weather (blizzard, polar vortex, etc.), we may split the days into “snow days” and e-learning days so as to not have too many non-attendance days in a row.

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Kayla's Hope Week

Join Kayla’s Hope Foundation (kaylashope.org) for a FULL WEEK of love, kindness & mental health awareness!

Beginning April 4th, we have your daily dose of fun with a silent auction, Masters golf raffle and mental health prompts! Jump in on Kayla’s Kindness Rock Garden launch party on April 5th and get your tickets to our BIG Hope Blooms celebration on April 9th.

To learn more or get involved, go to:
on facebook: KaylasHope03
on Instagram: @kaylashopefoundation
on twitter: @kaylashope2022
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Wredling Middle School - Home of the RedHawks

Contact us on Twitter @WredlingD303


WMS Spring Play "Charlietown"

Don’t miss this year's Spring Play “Charlietown”, a partially scripted/partially improvised show written by Mr. Rocha and the Charlietown Cast!

Thursday March 17th at 7 pm

Friday March 18th at 4:30 pm

Saturday March 19th at 3 pm

*This show, including an intermission, will last approximately 1.5 hours

Tickets are $5 and sold at the door; Concessions will be available for purchase for $1 each.

*Students attending the FRIDAY 3/18 SHOW should meet in POD 8-2 afterschool to buy their ticket and hang out before the show. You will be escorted to the Black Box just prior to the start of the show.