November 10, 2017

The Scholastic Book Fair is going on in the IMC through next Tuesday. It is open until 3:15pm each day. You can also go the McKinley home page and order online. McKinley gets half of the cost of each item to buy additional books for our library.

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Mark your calendars for Empower Family Night on December 5 from 6:00-7:30PM. Rumors are that we will have Bingo and prizes. Watch for more details to come!

Remember that Learning Lab is available on Monday and Wednesday until 4pm in the IMC.

Science classes have been discussing the characteristics of chemical reactions. We have discovered what a physical change is and what a chemical change is. As an experiment this week we made invisible ink, using vinegar and baking soda followed with a wash of grape juice.

Math: Several math classes are working with fractions and decimals. We will be multiplying and dividing with fractions along with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with decimals. Other math classes are working on writing and solving expressions.

Personalized Learning- We continue to focus on empathy - discussing chances to be empathetic and what that looks like. On Thursday, we listened to Junior Achievement speakers who work in the fields of government and public administration. It was another great opportunity for students to ask their questions about possible future careers.

Social Studies: We are focused on the ancient Mesopotamian civilization. We have been busy learning the vocabulary associated with that time. We watched a video about a young scribe describing her life in ancient Sumer. Finally, we have been exploring the Royal Tombs of Ur thanks to the British Museum online collection. Our students have been busy trying to figure out what each artifact might have to do with life in Ur...

Language Arts: In Language Arts 1, we have been reading about individuals who have faced adversity in their lives. We continue to focus on main ideas and citing evidence as we write paragraphs. In Language Arts 2 (Literacy), we are reading the novel, Out of the Dust, while working on main ideas, theme, and tone. In addition, two assignments have been added on Canvas for LA1 and LA2 that are due next Friday, November 17.

Thank you for your continued support,

McKinley Empower Teachers

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