Anna Nicole Smith

The model who fell off the boardwalk 11-27-1967 ,02-08-2007

The life she chose

"Smith left the Krispy Fried Chicken restaurant to work at Wal-Mart, as a waitress at Red Lobster, and finally to become an exotic dancer in Houston. Already blonde and buxom, she got breast enlargement surgery to enhance her career opportunities. In Houston, she met J. Howard Marshall II, who was immediately taken with her. With encouragement from a friend, Smith submitted photos of herself to Playboy magazine. She appeared on the March 1992 cover and was named 1993 Playmate of the Year. Her success in Playboy launched her modeling career. She became the spokesperson for Guess! Jeans, and at an agent's suggestion she changed her name from Vicki to Anna Nicole. In 1994, she and Marshall, then 89 to her 26, were married"

Rock bottom

Smith had often stated that she expected to die like her idol, Marilyn Monroe, through an overdose. Tragically, that was not far from the truth. After the death of her son, she suffered severe depression and was on several medications. On February 8, 2007, she died of an accidental overdose of a sleeping medication that combined badly with her other prescriptions; she was 39. "For those of us who worked closely with Anna Nicole and got to know the woman behind the public persona, this is devastating news," senior vice president of E! Networks Jeff Shore commented on E! Online. "She was a sweet person who adored her son, made us laugh and cry with her, and who was never afraid of what others may have thought of her. There will never be another like her, and I already miss her."

In April of 2007, a paternity test established Smith's former boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, as the father of her daughter, Dannielynn. In June of 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the estate of Anna Nicole Smith, losing any claim to Marshall's fortune. The legal battle had been ongoing before Smith's death. from

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